Active Lifestyle

Get your hiking boots on, load up the kayak and camping gear, pack your golf clubs, and get ready to have an amazing active weekend in Humphreys County.
Whether you’re just wanting to get out of town for the weekend or mapping points of interest along your family’s quest to cross the country, Humphreys County is a pretty ideal spot.
Close enough for a day drive, yet far enough to feel like a vacation, Humphreys County has plenty to offer for any kind of family day trip!
No visit to Humphreys County, Tennessee, can be considered truly complete without a stop at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, a 3,000-acre ranch, campground, event venue, and tourist destination in Hurricane Mills.
One thing there is absolutely no shortage of in Humphreys County is water. Wherever you turn, whichever road you take, you’ll soon run into a lake, a river, or a creek—and all are perfect for the various water sports you love.
The natural beauty you’ll find in the green hills and winding rivers in Humphreys County is indisputably stunning. And how better to experience that beauty than by getting out in it?
Humphreys County certainly knows a thing or two about the great outdoors. With such a variety of landscapes and waterscapes to witness all within the borders of this beautiful county, it should come as no surprise that this place is absolutely filled with inspiration for a fun-filled active day.
Humphreys County is nestled next to the Tennessee River on the border of Middle Tennessee. While there are numerous activities to engage in, like visiting Loretta Lynch’s Ranch or jumping out of a plan with Music City Skydiving, nothing gets you in touch with nature quite like a hunting or fishing expedition.
If you are truly a country girl or guy, you love the outdoors. Naturally, when you come to Humphreys County, you probably want to know as much as possible about what wildlife you’ll find here. You may even come across animals and herbage you’ve never seen before.
A day trip with enough adventure and change of scenery to provide a memorable and romantic day with your favorite person. Everybody’s idea of a romantic day out is different and there’s nothing wrong with that! Luckily, Tennessee is chock full of adventures both big and small. Humphreys County is no different.