Romantic Day Trip Getaways in Humphreys County

There’s nothing like a good romantic getaway and taking the time to recharge the batteries with your significant other. Every trip can’t be that amazing week-long vacation, and even weekend jaunts can get expensive quickly. A day trip, however, can provide enough adventure and change of scenery to provide a memorable and romantic day with your favorite person. Everybody’s idea of a romantic day out is different and there’s nothing wrong with that! Luckily, Tennessee is chock full of adventures both big and small. Humphreys County is no different.

For the Outdoorsy Couples

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-4-of-119-300x225.jpgGetting to Humphreys County can be an adventure all on its own. The landscape is beautiful and perfect for a simple drive through the countryside. If you’re looking to get into nature, Humphreys County offers many different opportunities to dive in. There are many hiking trails, including the Johnsonville State Historic Area and Loretta Lynch Ranch and Campground. The Johnsonville State Historic Park overlooks Kentucky lake and is the site of the Civil War Battle for Johnsonville, Johnsonville Depot, and the site of historic Johnsonville (1864-1944) before Kentucky Lake was created. Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and Campground in Hurricane Mills also has 3,000 acres of land to explore.

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-115-of-119-300x200.jpgThese areas also offer canoeing and kayaking as well so be sure to take advantage of a nice day on the water. You can rent canoes and kayaks from Lorretta Lynn’s Ranch or from Bone’s Canoe Rental (better to use the exact coordinates to find them 35.919236, -87.842381).

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-117-of-119-300x200.jpgMaybe you want to fish while you’re on the water with your one true fish. (You know: there’s plenty of fish in the sea but you’re the one for me?) While you can fish at any one of the areas we just mentioned, you should check out Buffalo Creek in the southwest corner of the count that runs between Bakerville and Hurricane Mills. And while it’s not well known or well-marked, head over to Whiteoak Creek in the northernmost part of Humphreys County for a local secret. Both bodies of water in the county support some of the biggest sporting fish in the area. The creeks have both strong water currents and slow and shallow water with grassy beds allowing for great spawning. The couple that fishes together, stays together! Or something like that…

Humphreys-County-photo-series-2-68-of-166-1-300x196.jpgMaybe you’re interested in the wildlife on dry land. Well there’s plenty to see whether you’re shooting pictures of the birds or trying to bag that buck. The Duck River Unit Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge has several thousand surface and water acres across the Duck River and Kentucky Lake. The upland forested areas are currently supporting nesting Bald Eagles! Be sure to check out the state hunting and fishing guides before heading out to make sure you hit up the right places. Maybe a day out with your sweetheart in the woods is just what you need.

For the Learners

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-75-of-119-1-300x212.jpgDo you and your better half get a thrill from exploring places from history and learning new things? Well there are plenty of learning opportunities in Humphreys County. There’s the aforementioned Johnsonville State Historic Area. The park is the site of the Battle for Johnsonville, the culmination of a 23-day raid of Union supply lines by Confederate cavalry Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest hampered the Union supplies lines, but the Union was still able to prevail in the subsequent battles for Nashville and Franklin.

Humphreys-County-photo-series-2-109-of-166-300x200.jpgThere’s also the Humphreys County Museum. This museum houses artifacts from all US wars, as well Native American artifacts. The museum is situated in an old civil war fort complete with the original rifle pits. The fort was built to protect Union railroad supply lines.

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-111-of-119-300x200.jpgOf course, learning about the history of the Civil War isn’t for everyone. You can learn more than just about the woman herself at the Loretta Lynn Ranch as they have several museums on the property. There’s the Coal Miner’s Daughter museum, Butcher Holler Home Replica, Coal Mine #5 Replica, Native American Artifact Museum, Doll Museum, and Loretta Lynn home replica.

For a Night Out on the Town

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-64-of-119-1024x755.jpgMaybe a night out is in order after a long day of adventuring. You could take in a movie at the historic Mi-De-Ga Theater. The theater has been bringing Hollywood to Humphreys county since 1936. Mi-De-Ga offers the newest releases, but on the first Wednesday of each month, in honor of its origins, the theater shows classic movies. Right now, the theater is closed for safety during the COVID pandemic, but you can still stop by with your sweetheart for some popcorn from the snack bar.

With your popcorn and movie-sized soda, you should take in the sights of Court Square. There’s shops, food, and regular sidewalk sales you could check out. And for the best part of any romantic day (or night) out, the food…

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-20-of-119-300x200.jpgYou’ll be starving after all that adventuring, shopping, and/or learning. So be sure to check out Samuels on the Square. The restaurant is beautiful, and the menu offers a wide selection of classic dishes, from Prime Rib to Fried Green Tomatoes to Capon Florentine. The cozy romantic atmosphere and delectable dishes will make it the perfect place to end your day out.

Humphreys-County-photo-series-ONE-27-of-119-1-300x200.jpgIf you want something a little lighter like a soup and sandwich for a lunch or brunch date during the week you should try the Waverly Café. This place is an experience offering the tastiest treats like their wide variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. If the sweet tooth hits at any time during your romantic day trip, the root beer floats, and classic milkshakes are sure to hit the spot.

Sometimes just getting away for the day can really make a difference in any relationship. It gives you the chance to focus on each other, learn something new together, and strengthen your bond while making memories to last a lifetime. Let some of those memories be made here in beautiful Humphreys County.


Johnsonville State Historic Park

This 1000+ acre park was named after then-governor of Tennessee to commemorate the site of the Johnsonville Depot and the Battle of Johnsonville as well as the site of the historic town of Johnsonville itself before it was submerged during the creation of Kentucky Lake.

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

One of the largest tourist spots in the state, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch caters to the lovers of the outdoors with hundreds of camping spots and hosts several events and concerts on over 6000 acres.

Hurricane Mills

A small community centered around Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Bone’s Canoe and Campground

Bone’s Campground is the perfect spot to set up camp and spend the whole weekend with the family. Plan ahead and you could have your canoe or kayak reserved and waiting for you every morning so you can all stay out on the water from sun-up to sundown.

Buffalo Creek Fishing

Buffalo Creek in the southwest corner of the count that runs between Bakerville and Hurricane Mills.

Whiteoak Creek Fishing
It’s not well known or well-marked, but Whiteoak Creek in the northernmost part of Humphreys County is a local secret.

Duck River Unit of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge

These largely forested areas surrounding where the Duck and Tennessee Rivers meet are home to a wide variety of wildlife and even support nesting Bald Eagles.

Battle of Johnsonville

Fought over 2 days in 1864, the Battle of Johnsonville came at the tail end of a 23-day raid by Confederate commander Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest after he attacked the Union supply base at Johnsonville. The memorial state marker commemorating that which was lost can be found in Waverly, the Humphreys County seat.

Humphreys County Museum

This museum houses artifacts from all US wars, as well Native American artifacts.

Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum

This 18,000 square foot museum is dedicated to Loretta Lynn’s fans and filled with memorabilia, awards, and mementos from her famous friends.

Native American Artifact Museum

This museum on Loretta Lynn’s Ranch is an homage to her proud Cherokee heritage.

Doll Museum

The Doll Museum is filled with dolls and gifts that have been sent to Loretta Lynn from her fans throughout her career.

Mi-De-Ga Theater

The theater has been bringing Hollywood to Humphreys county since 1936

Samuel’s on the Square

Specializing in upscale Italian cuisine and American grill favorites, Samuel’s guarantees only the best quality beef, chicken, and seafood in Middle Tennessee. Try the Capon Florentine, their signature dish, or choose from specialties like prime rib, homemade meatballs, cheesy chicken marinara, and more.

Waverly Café

Known in Waverly for being “more than just a cup of coffee,” Waverly Café is a casual, relaxed spot serving up breakfast, lunch, baked goods, and a full espresso bar. While you’re there, check out the café’s local arts and crafts gallery, collection of new and used books, and display of historical photographs of Humphreys County.