Motocross Nationals @ Loretta Lynn Ranch

The Motocross Nationals at the Loretta Lynn Ranch

The Motocross Nationals at the Loretta Lynn Ranch

Turtle basking on a log in the Duck River

Turtle basking on a log in the Duck River

Turtle basking on a log in the Duck River

Closeup of skydiving near Kentucky Lake in Humphreys County

Skydiving near Kentucky Lake

Skydiving near Kentucky Lake

Skydiving near Kentucky Lake

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Explore Kentucky Lake &The Tennessee River 

An unspoiled place for adventure, family fun, and history.

Humphreys County is a wonderful place to experience fishing and boating on Kentucky Lake, The Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, Civil War history, Country Music history, the Loretta Lynn Ranch, birding, small-town friendliness, and big-time thrills.  Here are some of the things we offer.

bass fish on Kentucky Lake Humphreys County

A Kentucky Lake Fishing Paradise

Can you imagine catching an 88 pound catfish?

Paula Smith caught an 88-pound catfish in 2019 in Humphreys County. (See a video here.) Humphreys County has some of the best bass and catfish habitats in the world. Since big fish produce more fish and have great DNA, their presence is the first sign of a great fishing area.

Humphreys County also has great habitat for bass and catfish in different stages of their life. The Tennessee River channel of Kentucky Lake and the Duck River and the Buffalo River all have strong currents. The side areas of the lake offer many shallow areas with calm water, grass and gravel beds.

Typical lake levels only vary about 6 feet, giving fish and boaters a consistent water level. The minimum pool is 354 feet above sea level and the summer target is 359 feet above sea level. At its deepest point, Kentucky Lake is only about 35 feet deep, so the lake does not see nearly as much stratification leading to low oxygen levels as many other lakes.

There are several marinas and local access points for Kentucky Lake.


Ducks taking off from the Duck River Unit of the Tennessee Wildlife Refuge

A Birder’s Paradise.

“The thunder of the birds taking off is so loud we can hear them inside.” –Refuge Ranger

Humphreys County has one of the most diverse and numerous populations of bird species anywhere in the United States. The Duck River Unit of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge supports breeding, wintering, and migration habitat for 301 bird species, 51, mammals, 89 reptiles, and 144 species of fish.

Each year the Tennessee Wildlife Refuge has a number of events for bird lovers, including a chance to help with banding efforts to study the birds’ habits. The levees of the refuge serve as a core of walking and biking trails to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

The core feature is the rich bottom lands and wide river channel formed at the mouth of the Duck River as it empties into the Tennessee River, now Kentucky Lake. The Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge enhances the natural conditions by controlling water levels in numerous ponds next to the lake and specific farming practices designed to provide birds the food that they need.

Other area ponds and backwaters have more birds as a result of overflow from the refuge. As other parts of the Mississippi River Flyway have seen increased development and farming, this refuge has become even more critical in the lives of many birds.

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hauling barbecue at the irish picnic in McEwen

Family Friendly Trips

Movies, Events, History, Shopping and more

Help the Tennessee Wildlife Wildlife Refuge band birds, go to an old-time movie theater, spend a day boating or skiing, go flatwater kayaking on Kentucky Lake, catch world-class catfish and bass in unspoiled Humphreys County.

Kentucky Lake: Very little development is allowed along Kentucky Lake and wildlife and fish are abundant. That means that during a typical day of jet skiing, boating, or fishing on the lake you will see forested hillsides, not houses. You could see bald eagles or herons, catch amazing fish, and, most of all, take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Historical activities. The Loretta Lynn Ranch, the Johnsonville State Historic Park, the Wavery Train Explosion Museum, and the Humphreys County Museum all help people understand the history of our world that makes us who we are today.

Events: Do you love barbecue, fishing, or the arts? Have you wanted to learn how to make an old fashioned quilt, band a duck, see what it was like to fight a civil war battle? We have a myriad of events for you to enjoy for a day or a weekend.

Just a relaxing day: Downtown Waverly and McEwen offer unique shops for gifts, clothing and accessories. Golfers can spend the day at the Waverly Country Club or McEwen’s Willow Ridge Golf Course. Then top it off with an old time movie theater experience at the MiDeGa.

Skydiving over Kentucky Lake in Humphreys County

Adventure Trips and Excitement

Jet skiing, Horseback riding, Canoeing, Skydiving, Motocross, ATV’s and more

From jet skiing, horseback riding, and canoeing to skydiving, motocross, and ATV’s Humphreys County offers adventure seekers a number of activities.

Feel the rush of water by your face jet skiing from one of the boat ramps and marinas.

Learn to ride a horse or take a more strenuous trip through old growth forests and local history spots. End the day with a creekside campout at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

Tandem skydiving at Music City Sky Diving is the most popular way to experience skydiving for first-timers. With less than 30 minutes training you can jump attached to an expert instructor. Experienced Sky Divers have a wealth of opportunities too.

Each year the Loretta Lynn Ranch hosts the AMA Motocross Nationals. The ranch also hosts several events for ATV riders and four wheelers.

Civil War, Music, and History Buffs

On November 4, 1864, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest did something truly unique. His cavalry unit defeated a Union naval force, which has only happened a few times in history ever. He also did $6.7 million of damage to the Union supplies and their depot in Johnsonville, which was vital to Union forces holding Nashville, which in turn was the logistics hub for the Union’s war in the Western theater. The Johnsonville State Historic Park preserves as much of the battlefield as possible. (Much of it now lies at the bottom of Kentucky Lake, which did not exist in 1964.) The park also hosts civil war reenactments as well as a gift shop and museum.

Loretta Lynn is both a legend and an early pioneer of country music with a career spanning over 50 years. Consequently, she has witnessed many of the important events in the growth of Country Music. Her museum at the Loretta Lynn Ranch commemorates not only her story, but the story of Country Music itself. There is also a replica of the cabin she grew up in.

The Waverly Train Explosion Museum commemorates a train explosion in 1978 and the Humphreys County Museum lives in a 1922 mansion. In addition to the civil war fort in the back yard, it also features exhibits for World War I and II, Jesse James, and Captain William Anderson, who gained notoriety as the commander of the first submarine to travel under the north pole.

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