Humphreys County Outdoor Report for Feb 5th

Published Feb 5, 1:23pm

Kentucky Lake levels have begun to return to normal for this time of year. Normal lake levels should be at or near 354ft elevation, but we saw a sharp rise last week and as of Friday, levels at New Johnsonville were at 357.3ft with TVA predictions showing levels should be just below the 355ft mark by Wednesday February 7th. The Cumberland River at Clarksville is between 26-27ft. Both the Duck and Buffalo Rivers should be close to normal soon, with levels on the Duck at 3ft and the Buffalo near the 1ft mark. Flow rates will remain in the “strong” category for the Tennessee river, with flows between 100,000cfs and 150,000cfs this week. Average surface water temperatures have been in the upper 30’s for most, but we should see a slight increase this week due to the unseasonably warm temperatures of late.

Fishing has improved for those willing to fight the wind and cool mornings, as many fish have now moved into the protected areas, away form the strong current on the main river channel. Crappie are being taken in areas just inside the bays, but fishermen do have to contend with the abundant shad for attention. We did see a “shad kill” during the cold snap a few weeks ago, but most dead shad have been eaten or become non-appetizing for most fish. I’ve not spoken to any bass fishermen this week, but the bass should be inside the bays on humps and drops outside the current as well, and many bass should be at their “maximum” weight, especially the egg laden female bass. Late winter and early spring are when many bass and crappie are at their heaviest.

Waterfowl season is now mostly over, with the regular waterfowl season ending on the last day of January. We do have a juvenile and veterans waterfowl hunt the next two weekends, Feb 3rd and 10th for the kids and the veterans on the 4th and 11th. More information can be found at TWRA’s website or looking in the hunting guide on page 14. Squirrel hunters are taking advantage of the late winter period, and coming up with some squirrels. A few raccoon hunters are finding their quarry and some are trying their hand at predator hunting, as the coyotes are having their breeding season this time of year, and become more active.

It’s that time of year that we start seeing more outdoor events, like fishing tournaments, and turkey banquets among other events of interest. Here’s a few I’m aware of, and as they come in I will keep everyone updated; the TWRA Elk Hunt application period is open from February 7-28th. , Cumberland River Catman’s Association catfish tournament on Feb. 10th at Clarksville 7am-3pm. TWRA “Trapper training camp” on Feb. 23-25th, pre-register at, the event # is 50377. ABA Bass Trail on Feb. 24th out of Lucas Harbor. Pre-Historic American Artifact Show at the Gallation Civic Center on Feb. 25. The 33rd annual NWTF Turkey Banquet on March 1st at Clarksville at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center. The Three Rivers Chapter of the NWTF, here in Humphreys Co., will be having their Annual Banquet on April 6th. USA-Bassin Danville division on March 3rd at Danville, Celtic Bass Tournament on March 9th out of Danville, contact Jessica Roberson at 931-289-9017. Cast and Blast Bass and Turkey event on April 20th at Paris Landing, contact 901-493-4065/ 731-642-8455. Tennessee River Rendezvous on April 12-13th. At Saltillo, Hwy 60 215 Ashley Rd, Saltillo, Tn 38370. Also, many of the KLOT events have been canceled, as the director has been having health issues, and has canceled most of the events.