Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for Oct. 30th

Published Oct 31, 9:42am

Lake levels have now reached winter pool, with levels flirting with the 354ft level all week. Some change in elevation has been occurring, but for the most part lake levels are around 354ft in the New Johnsonville area.  There are many rumors about the river dropping below normal, TVA is going to schedule a water release from Kentucky and Barkley Dams to help elevate the low water levels on the Mississippi river, which is approaching a historic low level at Cairo III. As of now, the Tennessee River at New Johnsonville is slightly ahead of the normal draw-down, but not predicted to drop below 354ft. TVA has addressed the rumors, and says they are not true.  TVA appears to be just keeping flow at around 25,000cfs throughout the day, instead of only when generating power.  Water temps are still in the low 60’s and water color is clear.

Still not many fishing reports coming in this past few weeks, but hopefully the fishermen will return to the lake and share some information. The wind may be a reason most are staying off the lake, as the wind seems to be constant and strong most of this fall. I should have the results of the ‘Paula Smith Benefit Catfish Tournament’ from this past weekend soon, hopefully with some pictures.

The Juvenile deer hunt was this past weekend, and I should have the totals in next week's article.  Last year we saw 61 deer harvested, but I’m expecting a better harvest this year due to the lack of acorns, as we had an overabundance of them last year and the deer didn't move much, but this year the deer are in the fields and having to move more to find food.  The archery only season began again on Monday, and will continue until this Friday, Nov 4th.  The Muzzleloader/Archery will begin on Nov 5th and continue until Nov 18th. Rabbit/quail season also starts on Nov. 5th. Hunters and fishermen are reminded that the TnNational Wildlife refuge will be closing the Duck River Bottoms on November 14th, as the waterfowl start using the refuge, access is limited to areas the waterfowl use.  Much of the refuge will be open along with the statewide seasons, and will remain open until the end of the statewide hunting season in February, this area is along the Duck and Tennessee Rivers on hunt area 4 (Duck River remainder).  More information can be found at refuges website; or by obtaining a national wildlife refuge hunting regulations brochure for 2022-2023.