Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for Feb 27th

Published Feb 27, 10:19am

Lake levels at New Johnsonville have continued to fall slowly. The current levels, as of last Friday, were at 357.4ft. With the added rainfall, TVA has been trying to keep the lake near winter pool levels, and the lake has continued to fall. Flow rates have been in the strong category, with flow rates averaging around 100,000cfs to 120,000cfs. Water temps have started to creep up with all the warm temps and strong winds. Average surface water temperatures are in the mid 50’s. Both the Duck and Buffalo Rivers came up last week, but are on their way back down, barring any large amounts of rainfall we may receive after this article was written.

Fisherman have continued to venture out on the water, but it seems as the sun gets higher in the sky, and weather warms, the wind becomes an issue. The strong winds and current have kept most off the water this past week. Some have been finding secluded areas out of the strong wind and have been coming up with a few good fish. Most of the fishermen have been targeting crappie, as the strong current has pushed most crappie into the bays, and have made them easier to locate, although some have been reluctant to bite once found. Trout stocking will begin at the end of the month, with stocker trout being placed in Hurricane, Tumbling, and Whiteoak Creeks. Remember that to fish for or keep trout, fishermen must have a trout license, type (002) in addition to their regular hunt/fish combo license, type (001) there are exceptions, consult the most recent fishing guide or call the TWRA office during regular business hours (1-800-372-3928) for more information. Area upcoming tournaments include; Tennessee Madcatters on March 5th, out of Cuba Landing Marina. The King Kat trail on March 4th out of Paris landing. The ABA divison 40 bass trail will be having a bass tournament on February 26th out of Lucas Harbor, contact Eddie Scott for more information (931) 622-5273.

Turkey hunters are reminded that the opening dates for the spring turkey season have been adjusted about two weeks, this was done to hopefully allow the turkeys to breed and get started before hunting begins, the spring season will begin with the juvenile hunt on April 8-9th 2023, and the regular turkey season will begin the next weekend, April 15th and continue through May 28th. Limits are one (1) bearded turkey/ day, not to exceed two (2) for the season, and only one (1) can be a jake. More in-depth information can be found in last years hunting guide on page 26, or by visiting TWRA’s website; This years Wild Turkey Federation Banquet will be on March 25th at the JERA building.