Artists come together to showcase their skills

Published Apr 7, 2:51pm

WAVERLY, Tenn. –One local city is helping artists from all over the country express themselves in a unique way.

“Graffiti has such a negative undertone and it’s not, it’s beautiful! It’s art and I think people can come out and see it and talk to the artists, it just changes their perspective a lot,” said organizer, Kansas Klein.

Artists from all over the country showcased their talent at the Walls Art Park for the Spring Paint Jam.

“We’ve got about 60 artists from all across the country, who have come out and were assigned walls to paint,” Klein said.

It also helps art fanatics see a different style of art.

“It gives an avenue for artists and spectators to come together, a lot of these artists paint in bridges, paint in warehouses and people get to see their art. And a lot of people in my small town, don’t get to see this art because it’s usually done in bigger cities. So it brings the two worlds together and they can both enjoy,” Klein said.

One artist says this allows him to put his name out there.

“I drove here from Dallas. This is a beautiful opportunity to just do what I think I want to do, and just express myself on this wall without restrictions,” said artist, Steven Castillo.

Another artist says this event helps them feel safe.

“It’s basically like a safe haven, you know, most of us are graffiti artists or muralists. This is something we’re passionate about and to know that there’s a place where cops won’t mess with you, or that your piece gets to stay up, it’s really kind of a blessing. If not, you wouldn’t have anywhere to practice but illegal spots, so this kind of stops taggers,” said artist, Charles Key.

Castillo says this event also brings artists together.

“There’s just so many artists at the same time doing the same thing, so it’s a beautiful community that forms here. And you see people that come back and come back, and you make friends and connections and a lot of things can happen from here,” Castillo said.

The next paint jam is planned for the end of June for the Summer Paint Jam.

If you or someone you know wants to participate in the event, visit the ‘Seen on 7’ section of our website to register, once it opens.

From "Artists come together to showcase their skills" March 27, 2022 by Marcos Santander, WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News