lake levels are on the rise, current levels in the NewJohnsonville area are at 358.8ft with a slight rise and fall over the week, but remaining somewhat stable for the week.  flow rates have been below normal (18,000-25.000cfs) but with the precipitation this week entering the Tn river valley, expect the flow rates to increase as TVA tries to maintain normal lake levels.  TVA is predicting flow rates over the weekend to be around 45,000 cfs.  water surface temps are in the low 80’s.

fishing has been tough for most all species, most Bass tournaments are seeing only the top spots with 15-20 lbs for a 5 fish limit, with the next few places seeing only single digits. 

Crappie have been tough as well, although a few fishermen have been finding limits on drops in 15-20ft depths, although most fishermen have been having a tough time finding any fish.

Catfish are now spawning, meaning the bite on blue’s and flathead’s has been tough while the spawn is going on. channel cats are the exception, with many fishermen doing well around rip-rap and banklines where channel cats are on the prowl for food.  fishing with nightcrawlers on floats seems to be the ticket for finding them.

Bluegill/shellcracker have been on bed, and are doing well, shellcracker mostly have finished spawning, and a lot of fishermen had great success this year, the shellcracker have now moved back out to their normal areas, out on the river flats looking for mussel shells on hard bottom shallow areas adjacent to the old river channel.  Bluegill are still on bed and can be found close to the bank around protected areas where wind and wave action doesn’t affect their beds.  moving with a cricket or worm fished on a float along the shoreline is the best method to find bedding bluegill.

Mayflies have entered the picture this week, with a multitude of insects clinging to trees and objects along the shoreline, often all species of panfish can be found feeding on the bountiful crop of mayflies along the shoreline, making for some great sport

Free fishing day is this Saturday, June 8th, where everyone can fish for free without a fishing license, also kids under 16yrs may fish all week without a license