Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for February 24th

With all the rain, the area rivers are up, but predicted to fall later this week, the Tennessee river at New Johnsonville was at 361ft. on Monday, with a flow rate of just under 300,000cfs. TVA has predicted a fall to 357.5 by next Sunday. The Duck river at Dyer Rd. Is at 12ft. and has slowly began to fall, but with the added rainfall this week, I’m expecting a rise in the river levels over the next few days. Water temps remain in the mid to upper 40s.

Not much on the fishing report, with bad water conditions, windy days and rain, most fishermen have opted to stay dry and warm over cold and wet.

TWRA should be stocking Trout this week, with Hurricane and Tumbling creeks receiving fish. Stocking usually takes place mid-week, but it all depend upon how high the creeks are, because the agency doesn’t want to stock when water is up, as it just ‘washes’ the fish out of the stocking areas. Normal areas that get trout are at Loretta Lynns ranch, off the bridge at
the mill, and Tumbling creek at all the bridges from Hwy 13 to Hwy 231. Remember that if you fish for trout, you must have a trout license. Of course there are some exceptions to this, including: sportsman license, juvenile license, and senior citizen license holders are not required to get an additional licenses. As always, consult the fishing guide for more information.

The new Hunting/Fishing license is now needed, starting March 1. Hunting and fishing licenses are good from March 1 till the end of February each year. License’s may be purchased through any of the license agents across the state. Here in Humphreys County, they are: Casey’s General stores in Jville and Waverly, Walmart at the sporting goods department, Hunts Outdoors, and Bud’s Mk in McEwen. Individuals may also purchase licenses using TWRA’S mobile app. Which you can download for free at the app store on youre mobile device, just search TWRA app.

TWRA to Host a Public Meeting at Buffalo Ridge Refuge

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will host a public meeting to discuss Buffalo Ridge Refuge in Humphreys County. The meeting will be held Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. in the barn located at the Tom and Wendy Beasley Education Center on the refuge.

The purpose of the meeting will be to get public input regarding use of shooting ranges and facilities at the refuge. TWRA is creating multiple public use ranges with opportunities for sporting clays, trap, skeet, long and short ranges, archery, 3-D archery, as well as hunter education facilities.

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for January 24th 2020

Lake levels are starting to stabilize after all the rainfall over the last few weeks.  Winter fishing can be some of the most productive in our area, fish tend to become more predictable, and ‘stack up’ in known areas.  But water conditions need to be stable for a few days before fishing picks up, and so far this winter, stability has not been in the mix!

Kentucky lake levels are on the fall, with NewJohnsonville Friday, was at 357.2 ft, and flow rates have backed off, from the 200.000cfs mark last week, to the mid 150,000cfs this week.  the duck river and buffalo also have fallen, with the duck at just over 6ft and 5500cfs, and the buffalo at 5.8ft with 1500cfs.  Water temps have fallen back as well, this time last week lake temps were holding just under 50degrees, and now have fallen into the low to mid 40’s.

Big game seasons are over with, until spring turkey opens, but hunters still have most all of the small game season’s continuing until the end of February.  Waterfowl season will end in just over a week, at the end of January, and the last waterfowl count looked poor, with less ducks than the previous count the month before. as always, consult the Hunting/Trapping guide for more in depth information on dates and limits.

The USFS TNNational waterfowl/eagle tour will be this Saturday, January 25th. at 12pm-5pm.  the tour is free and refreshments will be served.

TWRA is having a public meeting at the Buffalo Ridge Refuge on Jan.28th (Tuesday) at 6 pm. the meeting will be pertaining to get public input regarding use of a shooting range facilities at the refuge. TWRA  is creating multiple public use ranges with opportunities for sporting clays, trap, skeet,long and short gun ranges, archery, 3-D archery, as well as hunter education facilities.

For those interested, TWRA’s trapping event this year at the Buffalo Ridge will be Feb. 28th, 29th, and March 1st. more information as we get closer to the date.

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report

It’s been a tough few weeks if you are an outdoor enthusiast, rain, unseasonably warm weather, flood conditions on most of our waterways, so I haven’t had much to report on over the last few weeks.  Deer season has ended, with Humphreys Co. harvesting around 900 deer less than last year, with our total this year at 2031 deer harvested.  The state total was also less, with this years total at 134,571 compared to lasts years statewide total of 146,640 deer.  not sure why the deer harvest was down, maybe due to less hunting pressure, warmer then usual weather?

The waterfowl season is seeing a less than normal season so far.  Waterfowl counts are way down, with the latest count on the Duck river refuge (Jan 7th) only showing just under 30,000 birds.  With the regular duck season ending in a few weeks, the duck hunters need a major cold front to push some activity our way. 

Water levels on Kentucky lake are at or near summer pool, with current levels around 358ft and flow rates averaging around 200,000cfs, normal flow should be around 30,000cfs.  water temps are reflecting the weather over the last few weeks, with lake temps around 52degrees, normally we are in the 40s this time of the year.

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of Dec. 27th

Warm weather and rain has been the order for the week of late, Temps in the 70’s and rain in the forecast has put the ‘damper’ on most hunting this week.  Fishermen have gotten out on the lake and have enjoyed some great weather, but not great fishing.

Kentucky lake levels are currently around the 355.7ft mark, but TVA has predicted a rise over the next few days, with levels predicted to be around 356ft + by mid week.  Flow rates are high and will continue to be so over this upcoming week, with flow rates around 140,000cfs.  water temps have mirrored the current air temps, with most lake surface temps around 50 degrees.  A few crappie continue to be taken in the deeper water just off the main current with slow presentations fished around brushpiles and stumps.  Bass continue to be stubborn, but some small mouth bass are being taken around rocky points where bait is present.  Catfish have been tough to find, although a few eater-sized fish continue to be taken in the eddies just out of the strong current.

Waterfowl season has not improved in  our area, not much has changed as far as the waterfowl numbers, with the latest refuge count only showing a slight improvement.  The Duck river refuge was showing a total of 47,353 ducks and around 1,372 geese on the 18th of this month.  The total counts show a 3% decrease from the same period last year,  with a 44% decrease over the last 10 years.

Deer season will be ending soon, and as of today(Friday Dec 27) Humphreys Co. has harvested 1,749 deer so far this season. the state total stands at 115,834.

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of December 20th

We are getting closer the the end of this year’s deer season, with the regular gun hunt ending on January 5th.  There will be a ‘private lands hunt’ on Jan 6th-10th where you may take anterless deer only on privately owned lands. and the 2019-2020 deer season will conclude with the Juvinel hunt, on the weekend of Jan 11th and 12th.  So far this season, Humphreys Co. has checked in a total of 1,637 deer, with about 1/2 of the deer being antlered.  the top Co. for the state, as of the time this was written, is Montgomery Co. with 2,730 deer.  the total for the state is  107,711 deer so far this year.  Of course, we still have a few weeks to harvest a deer, and with the upcoming holiday, giving time off so hunters can hunt, I expect a few more deer to be counted.

Duck season has started off slow, and continues to be so.  Most blind reports are saying their seeing few ducks, and getting a few shots early, but all activity seems to be over with by shortly after sunrise.  The refuge is holding a good number of birds, but numbers still remain below huntable numbers, normally we start to see waterfowl numbers increase towards the end of the month, and really pick up by January.

Water levels in our area have started to fall, with  a peek crest earlier this week of around 356ft and flow rates around 140,000cfs.  TVA is predicting a gradual fall back towards winter pool over the next few days, with flow rates continuing to be above 100,000cfs and levels reaching just under 355ft by Christmas day.  Water temps continue to hover around the mid to upper 40’s for most the the lake.

Fishing has been tough as well, with most bass fishermen saying the bite has been very slow, with a few fish showing up on rocky banks chasing shad, but overall it has been a slow late fall bite.  Crappie continue to be found scattered off deeper drops where cover is present, but some good sized fish continue to be taken this winter around boat docks where the deeper water is close.  Catfish as well have been tough, with strong current and falling water levels, the  fish want to be in the deeper river channel, but the strong current has them just off the main river out of the current.



Humphreys Co. outdoor report for week of December 8th

Local lake levels have risen this past week, with current levels on Friday Dec 7th, at 355.8ft at NewJohnsonville.  Water temps are in the upper 40’s with strong flow rates  of 120,000cfs.  TVA is predicting a fall back towards winter pool later this week, but with the possibility of more precipitation entering the river valley this next week, the fall in water levels might not happen. 

Crappie are being taken on the lake, with a few good limits coming out of areas just off the main river, where current isn’t to bad. Bass continue to evade fishermen, with a few smaller fish being found around gravel banks where the wind has been blowing shad into the shallows;  Catfish have also been slow, even though this is the time of the year when big blue cats can be more easily found. Blue cats tend to find deep holes in the main river channel, and become easy targets to awaiting fishermen using fresh cut bait.

Hunting seasons are now mostly all open, with waterfowl re-opening Saturday,and continue until the end of January.  Dove season will re-open for the final segment this Sunday, and continue until Jan. 15th.  Deer season will be open until Jan. 5th.  So far this deer season, Humphreys Co. has taken 1,416 deer, with 572 harvested since the opening of gun season.

Waterfowl numbers have increased on the TNNational Duck river refuge, with a total of 47,353 ducks and 3,076 geese counted on the refuge this last week.


Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of November 28th

Hunting seasons are in full swing, deer/gun season opened this past weekend with only 179 deer taken over the weekend, with just about a 50/50 mix of bucks to Doe’s.  So far this season Humphreys Co. has checked in a little over 1000 deer, and with over 5 weeks left in this years deer season, I expect to see an additional 1000+ before the ending of deer season.

Waterfowl season will begin on November 29th and continue until December 2nd, and re-open on December 7th to continue until the end of January. Unless possessing a sportsman’s license, all waterfowl hunters must have the appropriate state licenses, and all hunters over 13yrs old, must have a migratory bird permit(type 006 or 007).  And waterfowl hunters 16yrs old and older, must have a current  ‘Duck stamp’.  And as always, refer to the hunting guide for all rules and regulations before going hunting.

The most recent waterfowl refuge count was conducted on November 20th, with  the Duck river portion holding 26,061ducks, mostly mallards, and 1,610 geese.  All people going to the  refuge are reminded that the refuge has limited access after November 14th, until next spring.  The main road is open, with no access on any other areas is allowed to help protect the waterfowl.

No fishing report this week, other than Kentucky lake levels have risen, due to the rainfall this week, with current(As of Nov. 27th) levels at 356ft and heavy current averaging 60,000cfs.  Water temp’s have fallen into the upper 40’s but on average are around 50degrees.


Humphreys Co. outdoor report for week of November 17th

Lake levels here at the NewJohnsonville area have been steadily falling back towards the winter pool levels of 354ft, with the average level at around 354.5ft this week, TVA is predicting a continued fall to 354.2ft by this Sunday.  Flow rates on the reservoir will average 30-35,000cfs this week.   Water temps have steadily been falling as well, with Kentucky Lake temps hovering around 60 degrees, and Duck river temps around 55 degrees.

Fish have become hard to come by, with the falling water temps, with most sports species have not been to active of late.  Hopefully we will have a better fishing report soon as the weather levels out, giving us some stable weather conditions, which should help spur-on the bite, as we head into winter.

Deer season is going well, with the muzzle loading season ending this next Friday, and gun season beginning on this Saturday, November 23rd.  All hunters are reminded to consult the most recent hunting/trapping guide before hunting, and if not sure about the regulations, to call the TWRA office during normal business hours for more information.

So far this deer season, which started with the opening of archery on the 4th Saturday in September, Humphreys Co. has checked in 776 deer as of Monday, and 451 just during muzzle loading season.  Big Game gun season is usually when most hunters deer hunt, and limits are the same, with 3 anterless deer per day and 1 antlered deer per day not to exceed 2 antlered deer per year.  Check-in procedures have become easier over the years, with hunters able to use the TWRA mobile app, on-line, and conventional check stations to report harvest. The only regular check stations in Humphreys Co. are Bud’s market in McEwen, and Hunt’s outdoors in Waverly. 

Humphreys Co. outdoor report for week of Nov. 10th

The ‘great outdoors’ hasn’t been to friendly of late, cooler than normal temps, high winds, and high pressure have been dominating the outdoor scene, and has made it tough on the fishermen.  A major record breaking cold front has entered the region, and made it difficult for fishermen to find active fish.  Bass, crappie, and catfish seem to have been influenced by the cold unsettled weather, which has made for a tough bite.  This past weekend had a few local tournaments, with a bass tournament top weight being only 16lbs, with the remaining weight falling off quickly.  Crappie seemed to follow suit, with few fish willing to come into the boats of many fishermen.  Sunday had a local catfish tournament out of NewJohnsonville, with 1st going to a local, with one fish weighing in at 22lbs.

lake levels have fallen back towards winter pool, with levels at NewJohnsonville, Saturday at 355.5 ft, and predicted to fall back to the 354.5ft range by mid-week.  water temps have fallen as well, with lake temps ranging from the low 60’s to the upper 50’s. Flow rates have been up, with average flow rates around 35,000cfs.

Hunting seasons are getting in full swing, with Muzzle-loading season starting this last Saturday, and will continue until the friday before thanksgiving, November 22nd.  As a important reminder, if harvesting a antler-less deer during any of the hunts, all hunters except sportsman license holders and hunters hunting under the landowner exemption, must have a type 94permit. this permit is required for all ages, including juvinels and senior citizens.

Waterfowl season will begin on Nov. 29th., which is ‘black Friday’, allowing hunters to for-go any shopping requirements unduly thrust upon us avid outdoors enthusiast.

Humphreys Co. Outdoors report for week of November 3rd.

Bad weather has plagued most of the area this past week, cold weather, heavy rains, and strong winds, this has kept most outdoors men and women out of the woods and waters of late.

  The Juvenile deer hunt took place this past weekend, but Saturday was a wash-out, and Sunday was better utilized as a clean-up day for most.  Only 23 deer were taken in the county this weekend, with almost equal number of bucks and does taken.  This week is archery only, with the Muzzle loader season opening this weekend, November 9th. Rabbit and Quail season opened this past Saturday, and it appears that we have plenty of bunny’s this year. Regular gun/deer will open on the tradition opening day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  As always, I remind everyone to consult with the most current Hunting guide before going hunting, as regulations do and can change each year.

Not much on the fishing report this week, again, as most anglers have been either been waiting for electricity to be restored, or cleaning up from the storm damage. Those anglers that have been able to go, have found the lake levels around the area, to have came up a few feet, with current levels around the 355.5ft levels.  flow rates have increased, no doubt due to the recent rainfall, with average flow rates around 40,000cfs.  Surface water temps have mirrored the air temps, with Kentucky lake surface temps around 66 degrees.  I want to remind all fisher-people, that fall can bring some of the best fishing of the year, as fish start to binge feed in preparation for the upcoming winter, both bait fish and sports fish will head out into open water as the surface temperatures drop, and often as water temps drop into the 60’s, fish start relating to cover, especially when bait fish are present.

Humphreys Co Outdoor report for October 25th

Lake levels are lower this week, and I encourage all boaters to exercise caution when navigating on the waterways during low water season.  Lake levels in NewJonsonville area are at 354ft, and TVA is predicting water levels, here on Kentucky lake, to remain low for the remainder of the week.  flow rates have increased, with average inflow at 30,000cfs and outflow around 40,000cfs.  water temps on the lake continue to fall, with current surface temps at 70 degrees. 

The crappie bite has increased with the cooler temps, with some good fish being taken in the mid-depth ranges of 12-15ft.  Bait fish have now moved out to deeper water, and the crappie seemed to have followed them out. 

Bass fishermen continue to have a tough time finding keeper bass, with most heading north to the Paris landing area to fish off shore humps, sticking with the areas until the fish start feeding.  Most tournament weights have been low, but it seems that we had a great bass spawn this year, and should be seeing great fishing in the upcoming years!

Catfishing has been off somewhat, more than likely due to the low flow this past week, but now that TVA has ramped up the current, I expect the bite to improve.

The Juvenile deer season starts this weekend, but it looks like a lot of rain on tap for Saturday, but Sunday may bring some great hunting if the rain lets up.  The juvenile season coincides with the peak of the rut, which is when most of the Doe’s are bred. and as always, consult with the most current hunting guide for any needed information on the laws and requirements before hunting.

Humphreys Co. outdoor report

The fishing scene has improved somewhat this past week,as have the water conditions.  Water levels at NewJohnsonville are at 354.6ft with TVA predicting a slight fall this week.  Flow rates have been slight, with less than 20.000cfs predicted each day.  Water Temp’s have improved, with average temps in the low to mid 70’s on the TN, and low to mid 60’s on the Duck river.

A few good stringers of Bass have come in on local tournaments,  with a few closing in to the 20lb mark with a 5 fish limit.  I’m hearing most of the better fish are coming from the north, closer to Paris Landing area. 

Crappie fishermen have been enjoying some great days on the water, cooler temp’s, low wind conditions, and steady water conditions have helped a few fishermen find limits of crappie in the mid-depth ranges of 12-20ft.  the crappie have started to find their way into and around stake beds and stumps, waiting to ambush bait-fish. 

catfish has been slow, with a few eater sized fish being taken in shallow water on night crawlers and stink bait.  Most bigger fish seem to be holding tight to wood cover in deeper water.

Deer archer will momentarily take a pause this weekend, with the Juvenile hunt taking place this weekend, October 26-27th. Kids ages 6-16 may hunt this weekend, but must be accompanied by  a non-hunting adult.  Kids ages 12-16 must have a valid license unless hunting under any of the exemptions(landowner,tenant,etc),  Children under 12 hunting do not need a license, and if checking in a deer, must use a SS# to record harvest.  All hunters must be hunter safety certified or  have the apprentice license. And all hunters, including the supervising Adult, must wear the required 500sq inches of blaze orange.

Humphreys Co. outdoor report for week of October 13th

It’s been a great week for outdoor enthusiast,now that more seasonal weather has set in.  Hunting season’s have gone from swatting mosquitoes to watching the colorful leaves falling gracefully to the ground, as fall should be experienced.  Deer archery will continue until the end of the month, when the juvenile hunt weekend will take place.   A few archery hunters are connecting with their quarry, with around 50 deer taken so far this year in Humphreys Co.  A few deer are still succumbing to the EHD virus, in which most deer infected will be found around water when dead.  EHD is an virus which is spreed by a biting ‘midge’ which infects the deer with a ‘blue-tounge’ like fever, which most deer will get a high fever which causes hemorrhaging of the capillaries of the vascular system, causing the deer to seek water to cool down, and often killing the infected animal.  EHD happens each year, but can be worse during drought years like this year. the problem usually ends with the onset of cooler weather, which gets ride of the midge, which causes the problem.

Fishing has showed and improvement as well with the cooler weather. water temps have cooled down to the mid 70’s on Kentucky lake, causing the shad to finally move out to deeper water. lake levels are in the mid 354ft range.  flow rates are in the mid 20.000cfs range.

The crappie and bass bite has followed the shad out to the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft off structure.  the fish still haven’t started to relate to cover just yet, but as water temps cool into the 60’s, fish should relate to stakebeds and stumps.  Catfish have started biting quite well, with fiddlers being found in abundance around the tops of ledges along the old river channel, baits of choice are night-crawlers and livers, although a easily overlooked  bait is cut bluegill or any type of fish, cut into small pieces and fished on small hooks.  bigger cats have turned up in water depths of around 40ft, using cut baits fished around wood cover. 

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week on October 4th

Water levels have dropped on Kentucky Lake this week, current levels at NewJohnsonville are at 354.2 ft. with flow rates  averaging 15,000cfs.  Water temps are still in the mid to upper 80’s, but with the cooler weather on tap for this week, expect surface temps to slowly fall back to normal levels around 70 degrees.  The fishing scene has been improving somewhat, with crappie not doing to bad, some nice catches have been coming out of the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft. mostly by spider riggers and long liners covering water.  as the water cools, expect the crappie to bunch up and start relating to cover, including brush beds and stake beds.  Slow presentations have been producing better numbers, but as the water cools, crappie will become more aggressive, as they feed up for the winter, and jigs fished close to the cover should produce. 

Hunting seasons now open are squirrel and deer archery.  Dove will re-open Oct 12th. The Fed refuge has many hunting opportunities, including a primitive weapon hunt this weekend, deer quota hunts next weekend, and when no quota hunts are taken place, open archery and racoon, and squirrel hunting.  A additional refuge hunting permit is required in addition to your TN licenses to hunt the federal refuge, which is a type 064 Tn national cross creek  wildlife refuge permit. for more information on hunting the federal refuge, pick up a refuge hunting guide at the kiosk at the entrance to the refuge.

A hunter ed class is scheduled during fall break, October 11th and 12th, per-register on-line at  the class will be taught at the Humphreys co. sheriffs office shooting range off Scepter Rd. from 8am to 4pm, you must attend both days to get credit.  

Humphreys Co outdoors report for week on September 22nd

The fishing scene has been slow this past week, I’m believing that it’s due mainly to the abnormally high temps this month, hot weather is punishing to fish, causing poor water quality and unpleasant conditions for fishermen as well.  Lake levels continue to fall slowly towards winter pool, with current levels at NewJohnsonville holding at 354.74ft with flow rates slowing down to around 15,000cfs.  water temps are holding in the mid to upper 80’s here in late September, where we should be seeing water temps around the mid to upper 70’s.

Hunting season’s have started, but the heat has keep many hunters staying indoors.  Woodduck/Teal/goose seasons are now over, and the first segment of the 3 dove seasons, will close on Sept 28th.  The archery deer season is slated to begin this weekend, Sept 28th, and I’m sure some hunters will be hunting, even with the prediction of high temps to be in the mid to upper 90’s.  In 30+ years in the wildlife field, I’ve seen a huge reduction in the number of archery hunters in the early season hunts, not sure the reason, but I’m guessing it’s due to the deer season being open for such a long period of time, with seasons starting in Sept and continuing till late winter, hunters can be much more picky on when they hunt, opting for better weather and choosing easier methods of hunting such as gun hunting.

Here are a few laws to keep in mind before hunting;  make sure you have the proper license for hunting deer, weapon type determines license type.  i.e.- archery deer hunting requires archery license, gun hunting needs a gun license etc.

hunters are reminded that you cannot hunt over a baited area, examples of baited areas are hunting over a pile of corn, apples, etc. or anything which has been placed to attract deer which was not grown there. The area is considered to be baited until all bait has been gone for 10 days.

all hunters must have permission to hunt on private property

there are many other laws to know, so as always I recommend to read the hunting guide, which is available at all license agents, walmart, hunt’s outdoors, bud’s market, casey’s general stores.

The next Hunter Ed class will be October 11,12th at the Humphreys Co Sherriff’s range off Scepter Rd from 8am-4pm each day, you must attend both days!  register at


Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of September 14th

Lake levels continue to fall towards the winter pool elevation of 354ft, with lake levels at NewJohnsonville at 355ft. Due to the extreme lack of rainfall in our area, the Duck and Buffalo river are low as well, with the Duck at Hurricane Mills, at 1ft, the Buffalo at Lobelville at 3.4ft.  Water Temps have been on the rise due to the heat wave, with surface temperatures,on Kentucky lake, in the mid to upper 80’s. flow rate on Kentucky lake have backed off a bit, with average flow around18,000cfs.

The fishing has continued to be tough; bass, catfish and crappie continue to allude fishermen, undoubtedly due to poor water conditions brought on by the drought and heat.  Hopefully cooler weather is shortly coming, with some of the best fishing coming with the drop in water temps. 

Outdoors-men still have plenty to keep themselves busy with, squirrel, dove(till Sept 28) early Goose(till Sept 22nd) and starting Saturday, Sept. 14th, wood duck and teal season open.  Sept. 14-Sept. 18 wood duck and teal will be open, with limits at 6 duck/day no more than 2 wood ducks/day.  Teal only season starts Sept. 19th and continues until Sept. 22 with daily limits of 6 teal/day. and as always, consult the current hunting guide for further information.


Humphreys Co. Outdoor report

TVA is prediction for the lake at NewJohnsonville to go below the 356 ft mark by mid week, current lake levels are 356ft with flow rates bumped up to around 40.000cfs.  water temps remain in the mid to upper 80’s.  Fishing has seen a small improvement, with Bass tournaments taking around 15lbs to win.  fish remain scattered, with a few fish starting to hit on top water. 

Crappie remain deep, in the 20ft range, with a slow presentation producing the most fish.  Minnows fished close to cover are producing a few good fish.

Catfish remain slow, but a few good numbers of eater sized fish continue to be taken around the river drops on worms and liver.

Dove season will open Sept 1st, at noon with the limits 15 birds per hunter per day.  Here are a few items to remember before heading out to the field this Sunday;  make sure you have the proper license.  each hunter needs at minimum a small game license(type 01) and a migratory bird hunting permit.  also your gun needs a plug in it, making the shotgun incapable of holding more then 3 shells.  a big issue each year has to do with baiting. Federal and state laws  prohibit anyone from hunting migratory birds over an area where bait has been placed.  examples of baited areas are fields which have had grains placed as an incitement to attract migratory birds. Placing any agricultural grains on an area to attract doves is bait!  if a crop is grown on the field, it is legal to manipulate (bushhog) the crop, and hunt doves over it, as long as no new grains are added to the field.  planting wheat in the fall for a food plot/cover crop and hunting doves is ok, as long as the field is only planted once (we’ve seen fresh wheat and sprouted wheat on the same field, which is an an indicator that the field has been planted more than once, making it illegal to hunt)  All a hunter has to do is ask the landowner or person who fixed the field if the field was baited, if it was don’t hunt it!  as always, refer to the newest hunting guide for rules and regulations pertaining to any hunting activity you may have any questions about.


Humphreys Co. Fishing report for week of August 18th

This has been a week of excuses, hot temps, warm water, too much current , no current, etc.  Most fishermen have been unsuccessful at catching any species of fish.  As fishing goes, summer can be the most difficult season to fish.  Hot water temperatures can cause water be low on oxygen levels, lakes can stratify, depleting any remaining oxygen, and fish can become stressed causing the bite to be slow.  

Water levels continue to fall towards winter pool, with levels in NewJohnsville area around 356ft, and should continue to fall towards winter pool over the next few weeks.  Water temps remain in the upper 80s to low 90s.  flow rates this week are predicted to be averaging 30,000cfs.

Bass fishermen have been having a hard time finding feeding fish, deep fish seem to have been suspended, indicating  inactive fish, and the shallow bass bite has been off as well.

Catfish have been slow as well, with most fish still holding up in the deeper water on the river channel in the current.  a few cats have been coming off the ‘Drift’ bite.  drifting baits with the current suspended 2-6ft off the bottom. 

hopefully cooler weather and some much needed rain will help improve the bite, fall often can be one of the most productive fishing times of the year as fish ‘fatten up’ on shad before the winter sets in.

Hunting season start this next weekend, with the archery ‘velvet’ deer hunt beginning this Friday and continuing through Sunday.  Squirrel also starts Saturday, which is also free hunting day, where everyone can hunt small game without the need to have a hunting license.  Before hunting, make sure to consult this years hunting guide to make sure you are complying with all the regulations and limits. 

Humphreys CO. outdoors

Lake levels have remained stable this past week, and TVA is predicting the same for the upcoming week.  Lake levels at NewJohnsonville have been around 357.5ft, and will only fall back to the 357ft mark by mid week.  water temps continue to be in the mid to upper 80’s with flow rates averaging around 45,000cfs.

Not much information on the fishing front this past week, hot weather and blistering sun have kept most fishermen off the water.  Bass still have been taken around wood cover in shallow water when the current has been present, but overall the bite has been slow.  Crappie has been slow as well, but a few anglers are coming up with some decent slabs in 15-20ft depths on slow presentations with minnows.  Catfish are typically scattered this time of the year, and it shows! most fishermen have been ‘drifting’ to come up with any fish, but as August continues, the heat and warming water will push the larger cats deep, targeting deeper holes in the TN river can net some fun fishing for large cats.  Eater sized catfish continue to be taken with red worms, night crawler and liver baits fished along the river drops

Coach Bradford will be having a HUNTER ED FIELD DAY   event on September 7th, you must complete the online portion to attend this event, for more information, go to TWRA’s web site or call Mr. Bradford at 931-264-0049

I’ve gotten a few questions on hummingbirds of late, one is; can I make my own nectar?           Of coarse Hummingbirds eat the nectar from flowers, and many people enjoy feeding the hummingbirds.  there are many commercial mixes out there, but it is easy and cheap to make your own!  The basic mix is:  1 Part sugar with 4 parts water (for example, 1 cup sugar with 4 cups water) heat water/sugar mix in a pan until all the sugar is dissolved and let cool before filling feeders!  and never use red dye!!!!!!! it can hurt the hummingbirds, and is unnecessary. you can store extra sugar water in the refrigerator.

Kentucky lake fishing report for week of August 4th

Not much has been happening on the fishing front this week, Hot temperatures, rain fronts and school beginning, not many fishermen have been braving the conditions, instead patiently awaiting the arrival of  fall weather.  A few bass continue to be taken in and around wood cover fairly shallow, as the bass are moving looking for the plentiful shad schools around the shoreline.  Top water has payed off for some early in the morning, and a few good sized bass are still being found around the stumps and wood cover out deeper as well.

Crappie fishermen have taken a short break from the oppressive heat, awaiting cooler fall days when the crappie will move into the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft. Again chasing shad minnows as the shad migrate out towards the lake as water cools in the fall.

Catfish continue to be found in abundance around the main river drops, especially the eater sized cats.  bait of choice seems to be night crawlers and livers fished at the bottom of the drops, in around 35-45ft depths.  larger cats seem to be scattered, with most being found in the river channel in the deeper holes. most are being taken by drifting, bumping in the current, covering water seems to be the ticket for the larger cats.

TWRA news, the duck blind drawing were held this past weekend, with most satisfied on the new procedure for drawing the blinds.  most WMA’s had crop issues with the flooding that took place earlier this year, with Camden WMA having only about 25% corn crop that made it.  Hunting season is just around the corner, with the opening of the squirrel season on the forth Saturday this month. Stay tuned for upcoming hunting events and other news!

Humphreys Co Fishing report for the week of July 28th

TVA has began the normal draw-down this fall, bringing Kentucky Lake down to the mid to low 357ft mark. TVA normally starts dropping the lake levels just after the 4th of July weekend, and will have the lake at or near winter pool of 354ft, by the first week in September. Lake levels are predicted to stay around 357.4ft all week, with flow rates backed off from last weeks 80.000cfs, to the mid 30.000cfs.  Water Temps remain in the mid 80’s, but with some warm days on tap, expect the surface Temp’s to increase over the next few days. 

Fishing has been tough for almost all species of fish this week, with falling water levels, changing water conditions (temps, flows, etc), but expect fishing to improve as water conditions stabilize this week.  Bass continue to be found on the ledges where bait fish are present, but fishermen have been having to search for the schools of bass, not all ledges and humps have been holding fish.

Catfish have been somewhat slow of late, but some good eater sized cats have been found on the main river drops in good numbers. most have been taken on nightcrawlers, livers and catalpa worms.  Bigger fish seem to be holding in the deeper haunts of the main river channel, by fishermen using cut bait fished a few feet off the bottom.

The big day for Duck hunters looking for a WMA blind is this first Saturday in August, August 3rd.  This years drawing has been re-designed, with a 2 part drawing. The first will be for the hunt parties (person drawn and sign-on’s), the second drawing will be for the blind sights which only the party’s which were drawn in the first drawing will be entered.  Changes were to combat the buying and selling of the WMA blinds.   Kentucky Lake (Camden Units 1 and 2, Harmon’s creek, Big Sandy, and Gin creek) will be held at the Big Sandy Little League Park, and Dover (Barkley WMA) will be held at the Stewart County High School.  all on-site registrations will begin at 7am-10am with drawings afterwards.

Humphreys co fishing report for the week on July 19th

Lake levels rebounded somewhat this week, with levels at NewJohnsonville at the 359ft mark.  Normally we should be around 358ft, but no doubt the added rainfall across the TN river valley has added some to the increase in water levels.  Flow rates have increased as TVA attempts to keep the lake levels on par with where we should be this time of year.  Flow rates have averaged around 60,000cfs to 75,000cfs this week. normal flow rates are around 20,000-30,000cfs.  Water temps have dropped as well, with surface temps in the mid to upper 80’s, but expect a increase in water temps with the looming heat wave predicted this week. 

Bass continue to be found out on the main lake ledges and humps, with bait present.  the shallow bite is still working for some, especially where shad and pin minnows are found around tree tops and boat docks. Running spinner baits along the surface in and around grass beds have produced some exciting action early in the morning. 

Blue gill have started to spawn again, and panfish anglers targeting know bluegill beds have come up with some good catches.

Catfish action continues to improve, with most good catches coming from the main river drop in 30-45ft depts. Use that dept finder to locate the large schools of cats, usually hiding on the down current side of points along the main river channel.  baits of choice include nightcrawlers and livers for eater sized fish, but if looking for the larger cats, fresh cut bait like, shad or bluegill and even Asian carp have produced some really nice catfish.

Crappie fishermen have found a few good stringers, mostly in the mid depth to deeper ranges of 18-25ft.  most have been taken around drops where the current is broken up, creating areas where bait fish can be ambushed by the crappie.

TWRA’s new 2019-2020 hunting guides are now out, make sure to pick one up with the hunting season just around the corner!

Fishing report for week of July 15th

Water levels in the NewJohnsonville area have been 358.8ft, with TVA  predicting a slight fall to 358.0ft by next weekend.  Water temps have been around the 90 degree mark, with flow rates averaging 50,000cfs this week.  The increased flow rates are TVA’s attempt to drop the lake levels back toward winter pool levels by mid-September.  TVA normally starts the draw-down the week after the 4th of July weekend and reaches winter pool levels (354ft).  With the Mississippi river levels near record levels, we might see TVA hold some of our water back to help elevate some of the flooding on the rivers downstream. 

The good flows have been great for fishing, with better flow, fish become more predictable as well as improving water quality.  When water temps exceed 90 degrees, and flow slows or stops for a few days, the lake can ‘stratify’ , causing poor water conditions in the lake system.  The strong flow rates help keep the lake ‘mixed’ and keep the lake from separating into different temperature levels. Warm water cannot hold as much oxygen as cool water, and often this time of year the cool bottom layers of a lake have very low oxygen levels (due to decomposition of dead stuff), and the lake can ‘turn over’ where the bottom layers of a lake can mix with the upper layers and create low oxygen levels.  One sign of ‘lake turnover’ is a brown, or coffee colored water.

Bass fishing has picked back up, with most heavy stringers coming from the ‘ledges’ by fishermen throwing large crankbaits and creature baits.

Crappie fishermen have been absent of late, due to the heat and increase of boaters out on the lake for the holiday.  Crappie can still be taken by fishermen targeting deeper haunts, looking for schools of fish in the 20ft depts range out close the the main river.

Catfishermen are doing much better this last week, with most quality size fish coming off the main river along the drops, in 35-50ft of water on cut bait.  I’ve seen some good fish taken on cut asian carp, which seem to work well in the hot water.

fishing report for June 28th

The big news on the fishing front has been the sudden rise in the lake level for Kentucky lake.  Lake levels at NewJohnsonville started last weekend at normal summer pool, at a level of 359ft.  Today, Friday June 28th the lake has risen over 3 ft to a level of 362.1ft with a crest predicted by TVA, of 362.61ft by Sunday afternoon.  Flow rates on Kentucky lake are ‘slight’, with Pickwick dumping around 60,000cfs and Kentucky dam only releasing 25,000cfs.  Water temps have been around 80 degrees, but expect water temps to rise with the current heat wave in our area. 

Bass fishermen have been finding the ‘ledge bite’ to continue spotty, with a few areas producing fish.  the pattern seems to be having to hit quite a few spots to find the fish.  with the rising water this weekend, expect the bass to move shallow and feed on the newly available feeding areas on crawfish, insects, and the extremity abundant shad minnows along the shoreline.

Crappie are still being taken, mostly by spider-riggers and long line trollers. seems like covering a lot of water is the ticket to finding numbers of fish.  water depths that have been producing have been in the 12-20ft range.

Catfish have now came off of bed and have been showing up in better numbers, most still have been the channel cat, but a few good blues have been taken in the main river channel along the river drops in depths of 25-40ft on cut bait.  channel cats have moved up with the rising water levels, and have been taken on nightcrawlers  fished on floats

Fishing report for week of June 21st

Kentucky lake levels have been ‘up and down’ this week, with levels today(Friday), at 358.9ft. with TVA predicting a rise this week to a crest of just under 360ft by next Thursday.  Flow rates have been ranging from 35,000cfs to 60,000cfs in the NewJohnsonville area.  water color has been clear across most to the reservoir with average water temperatures around the 80 degree mark. 

Bass fishermen have been seeing some improvement in ledge bite, but many fishermen have still been hitting the bank line where shad have been present. with the rising water, expect many bass to head shore-ward, but if the lake starts falling back to summer pool we expect to have the bass move out to the humps and ledges.  The shad are still along the shallow shoreline, with what looks like a enormous spawn, and expect the ledge bite to improve, as these fry to head out to the open water of Kentucky lake over the next few weeks.

Crappie fishermen have continued to have a hard time getting out in the deeper areas due to the strong winds.  Crappie fishermen usually head out towards the open water and the river flats this time of year, finding 15-20ft depths the being the most productive.  

Catfish continue to be taken by crappie fishermen, in depths of 10-25ft, most cats should be done with spawning by the first week of July, with an improvement in the catch rate as fish return to the river channel.

mayflies hatches have continued to be seen across the lake, with bluegill and other fish taking full advantage of the bounty.


Humphreys Co. fishing report for week of June 14th, 2019

Current Kentucky lake level at NewJohnsonville is at 360.34ft.  lake levels are reported to rise over the weekend to a crest of 360.8ft with an average flow rate of 30,000cfs.  Kentucky dam is predicted to open up Saturday, bumping up the flows to over 60,000cfs through Sunday. Surface temps on the lake have been upper 70’s in the morning, rising to the low 80’s by late afternoon. 

the Buffalo river is up some, with the current level at Lobelville at 4ft with flow rates at 723cfs. The Duck river is up and somewhat muddy, with levels around 3 ft with a flow rate around 2100cfs.

fishing has been tough with all the strong winds. this week has not seen many days without a brisk breeze keeping most fishermen off the main lake.  Bass have moved out to the summer spots on the main lake ledges, making it difficult for many fishermen to be able to fish on the ledges.  With rising water levels predicted this weekend, the shallow bite should see improvement.

Crappie fishermen have been experiencing the same issues with strong wind, making is hard to fish out in the deeper areas and  the main lake flats where many crappie spend their summer.

Catfish are still being taken shallow, with the vast majority being channel cats taken by fishermen using floats and nightcrawlers.  

A few rockfish are starting to show up in the  Duck river around cool water places, by fishermen using live shad or large crankbaits.

The STRIKE KING tournament last weekend was won by Eric Shelton and Gary Singleton with a 3 fish limit weighing in 13.38lbs, big fish was taken by Team. Jammy McCloud and Ken Little with a fish weighing 6.39lbs


Humphreys co. fishing/lake report

lake levels are on the rise, current levels in the NewJohnsonville area are at 358.8ft with a slight rise and fall over the week, but remaining somewhat stable for the week.  flow rates have been below normal (18,000-25.000cfs) but with the precipitation this week entering the Tn river valley, expect the flow rates to increase as TVA tries to maintain normal lake levels.  TVA is predicting flow rates over the weekend to be around 45,000 cfs.  water surface temps are in the low 80’s.

fishing has been tough for most all species, most Bass tournaments are seeing only the top spots with 15-20 lbs for a 5 fish limit, with the next few places seeing only single digits. 

Crappie have been tough as well, although a few fishermen have been finding limits on drops in 15-20ft depths, although most fishermen have been having a tough time finding any fish.

Catfish are now spawning, meaning the bite on blue’s and flathead’s has been tough while the spawn is going on. channel cats are the exception, with many fishermen doing well around rip-rap and banklines where channel cats are on the prowl for food.  fishing with nightcrawlers on floats seems to be the ticket for finding them.

Bluegill/shellcracker have been on bed, and are doing well, shellcracker mostly have finished spawning, and a lot of fishermen had great success this year, the shellcracker have now moved back out to their normal areas, out on the river flats looking for mussel shells on hard bottom shallow areas adjacent to the old river channel.  Bluegill are still on bed and can be found close to the bank around protected areas where wind and wave action doesn’t affect their beds.  moving with a cricket or worm fished on a float along the shoreline is the best method to find bedding bluegill.

Mayflies have entered the picture this week, with a multitude of insects clinging to trees and objects along the shoreline, often all species of panfish can be found feeding on the bountiful crop of mayflies along the shoreline, making for some great sport

Free fishing day is this Saturday, June 8th, where everyone can fish for free without a fishing license, also kids under 16yrs may fish all week without a license




Kentucky Lake Report–May 15, 2019

Water temp’s mid 70’s

Flow rates have been around 70.000cfs but predicted to slow by this weekend

Water levels 359.7ft, predicted to fall over the week to 359ft

Fishing Report for Kentucky lake and duck river

Shell cracker (Red-eared sunfish) action has been picking up, a cold front which dropped water temps has slowed the bite up.  Most fish have been  taken in 2-5 foot of water in backs of bays around grass, limits are 20/person/day

Crappie–  fish remain hard to find, most are being taken by ‘spider rigging or trolling’ seems covering a lot of water is the key as crappie seem to always be on move

Bass– Bass still seem to be avaiding fishermen, a few good catches are coming from fish moving off bed, with a few coming off river Islands with grass, a few fishermen have found some better size fish off the summer pattern of fishing ledges, but haveing to fish a lot of ledges to find the fish

Catfish– smaller catfish are being taken in numbers around shallow rocks on nightcrawlers, many of the larger fish have been eluding fishermen here on Kentucky lake as well as the duck river, Blue cats have entered into their spawning activites making them difficlult to find