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Romantic Weekends in Humphreys County

Who needs Paris when you have the whole of Humphreys County to explore with your significant other? This gorgeous area of Middle Tennessee offers a wide variety of activities, food, and lodging for every type of couple—from the adventurous to the cuddlebugs. Active Couple Activities Canoeing and kayaking on one of the several bodies of water in Humphreys County is sure to satisfy the adventurer in both of you. If you don’t already have your own canoe, make your way to Bone’s Canoe Rental on the Buffalo River in Hurricane Mills. Be careful, too. They tell you [...]

Romantic Day Trip Getaways in Humphreys County

There’s nothing like a good romantic getaway and taking the time to recharge the batteries with your significant other. Every trip can’t be that amazing week-long vacation, and even weekend jaunts can get expensive quickly. A day trip, however, can provide enough adventure and change of scenery to provide a memorable and romantic day with your favorite person. Everybody’s idea of a romantic day out is different and there’s nothing wrong with that! Luckily, Tennessee is chock full of adventures both big and small. Humphreys County is no different. For the Outdoorsy Couples Getting to Humphreys County [...]

Country Cuisine

There’s nothing quite like mouthwatering, hearty, and filling country cooking. Luckily, you’ll find a wide variety of country cuisine and beyond in Humphreys County. Here are some of the best spots to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacky times in between. Tequila Johns For fresh, delicious Mexican comfort food, head to Tequila Johns Mexican Grill & Cantina in New Johnsonville, not far from Loretta Lynn’s hometown of Hurricane Mills. Originally founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1992, Tequila Johns moved to Tennessee in 2008 and has strived to bring only the best Mexican [...]

Wedding Venues and Rehearsals

It’s one of the most exciting times of your life—your wedding! You’ll need to start researching early to find the ideal setting for this magical event. If you plan to share your nuptials in Humphreys County, you’ll find plenty of venues to choose from, no matter what style of wedding you’re hoping to have. And if you need to come up with an exciting eatery for those in your wedding party for the rehearsal, you’ll be sure to find the right one not far from the place you need to be, making everyone happy after a long and exciting [...]

Driving Tours of Humphreys County

There is one definite truth you’ll discover as you drive through Humphreys County: All of it is beautiful. With rolling hills, green meadows, lush trees, and rivers and creeks spreading throughout the entire county, there is no shortage of scenery to take in.  What do you want to see? Quaint towns filled with unique shops and a special magic that big cities just can’t provide? Expansive farms with gentle, grazing livestock and rustic farmhouses? Meandering rivers lined with lush foliage?  It’s all here. Let’s go for a drive. Rivers of Humphreys County If you enter Humphreys County [...]

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