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Romantic Weekends in Humphreys County

Who needs Paris when you have the whole of Humphreys County to explore with your significant other? This gorgeous area of Middle Tennessee offers a wide variety of activities, food, and lodging for every type of couple—from the adventurous to the cuddlebugs. Active Couple Activities Canoeing and kayaking on one of the several bodies of water in Humphreys County is sure to satisfy the adventurer in both of you. If you don’t already have your own canoe, make your way to Bone’s Canoe Rental on the Buffalo River in Hurricane Mills. Be careful, too. They tell you [...]

Nature and Wildlife Spotting

If you are truly a country girl or guy, you love the outdoors. Naturally, when you come to Humphreys County, you probably want to know as much as possible about what wildlife you’ll find here. You may even come across animals and herbage you’ve never seen before. Of course, if you live here, seeing a white-tailed deer walk by is nothing new to you. But what else is lurking in the grass that you never knew was there? Birds There are more than 300 species of birds in the Tennessee area, separated into the categories of waterfowl [...]

Hiking and Biking and Riding in Humphreys County

The natural beauty you’ll find in the green hills and winding rivers in Humphreys County is indisputably stunning. And how better to experience that beauty than by getting out in it? Humphreys County is home to plenty of beautiful spots to get out and put your feet on the ground and take a hike, but also to throw some knee pads and a helmet and take the bikes out (with or without a motor!). There are even a few horseback trails for a more rustic way to enjoy the beauty of untouched Humphreys County. Be sure to gear up, [...]

Art and Music

Exploring the art and music of an area doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be stuck in a stuffy opera house or shushed at a museum full of paintings that don’t make any sense to you. While there’s certainly a time and a place for those, sometimes arts and culture are more interesting with a local bent. Let’s take a look at some of the local culture you’ll find here in Humphreys County. Music If you think of Nashville as the epicenter of country music, then you can imagine the waves reaching out in concentric circles around it. Within [...]

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

No visit to Humphreys County, Tennessee, can be considered truly complete without a stop at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, a 3,000-acre ranch, campground, event venue, and tourist destination in Hurricane Mills. Located just 65 miles west of Nashville, the historic community of Hurricane Mills has been home to Loretta Lynn and her family since the late 1960s. In fact, Loretta owns all of the historic district, with the exception of the public cemetery. Hurricane Mills has long been a popular outdoor recreation site, but Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, officially founded in 1974, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations [...]

A Day of Photography in Humphreys County

With all the rich, natural beauty Humphreys County has to offer, it’s easy to get outside and get moving anytime. If you’re planning an active weekend, whether you live locally or are just visiting for a few days, the options are abundant. So, get your hiking boots on, load up the kayak and camping gear, pack your golf clubs, and get ready to have an amazing active weekend in Humphreys County. Hiking and Biking The phrase “take a hike” is a good thing here in Humphreys County, and there’s no shortage of hiking and biking trails for you [...]

Wedding Venues and Rehearsals

It’s one of the most exciting times of your life—your wedding! You’ll need to start researching early to find the ideal setting for this magical event. If you plan to share your nuptials in Humphreys County, you’ll find plenty of venues to choose from, no matter what style of wedding you’re hoping to have. And if you need to come up with an exciting eatery for those in your wedding party for the rehearsal, you’ll be sure to find the right one not far from the place you need to be, making everyone happy after a long and exciting [...]

Family Day Trips to Humphreys County

No matter how much you love your family and enjoy spending time at home with them, we all go stir crazy at some point. And that’s ok. It doesn’t mean we’re tired of being together, rather it just means we might need a change of pace or scenery. Working full time makes it hard to do things together as a family out of the house during the school year, or any time of the year for that matter. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take a full week off work to get out of town and [...]

Driving Tours of Humphreys County

There is one definite truth you’ll discover as you drive through Humphreys County: All of it is beautiful. With rolling hills, green meadows, lush trees, and rivers and creeks spreading throughout the entire county, there is no shortage of scenery to take in.  What do you want to see? Quaint towns filled with unique shops and a special magic that big cities just can’t provide? Expansive farms with gentle, grazing livestock and rustic farmhouses? Meandering rivers lined with lush foliage?  It’s all here. Let’s go for a drive. Rivers of Humphreys County If you enter Humphreys County [...]

Shopping Excursions in Humphreys County

Humphreys County is known for its natural beauty and its rich history. From hiking and kayaking to touring museums and attending festivals, there’s certainly no shortage of entertainment here. But what if shopping is your cup of tea? Humphreys County has that, too! Whether you’re a local on the hunt for the perfect gift or some delicious produce, or you’re just visiting and looking for some souvenirs to take home, we have the perfect shopping experience lined up for you. The Perfect Gift or Souvenir If you’re searching for the perfect gift—or you just want to treat [...]

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