Humphreys County Outdoor Report for Sept. 10th

Published Sep 11, 3:10pm

Lake levels have stabilized as of Friday. Kentucky Lake is now at 355.8ft, with TVA reporting the lake to remain stable this week. Water surface Temperatures have moderated, with average surface temperatures between 82-86 degrees depending on time of day. Flow rates will drop now that TVA has the lake where they want it for now, with average flow this week around the 30,000 cfs or less. The Dissolved Oxygen levels came up, with current levels at 9.3mg/L and the pH is at 8.2. The Duck River is at 1.4ft and the Buffalo is at 3.2ft. The Cumberland River at Dover is at 56ft.

The Fishing has continued to be tough, with a few reports of fishermen finding some bass on ledges and some top water action on occasion. Catfish seem to be doing ok in shallower areas of the lake, but still near the river channel, but for the most part the falling water and warm water temps have made fishing tough. Upcoming fishing events include; Tennessee Madcatters on September 10th at the Dover City Boat Ramp, USA Bassin on September 16th at New Johnsonville Boat Ramp 5:45am-3pm. Cumberland River Catman’s Association on September16th at Ashland City, Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers at the Carroll County 100 acre Lake on September 23rd, The ABA division 40 on September23 at Lucas Harbor, and the Rori Strong Benefit Tournament on September30th at the Clarksville Boat Ramp.

In TWRA news, the agency reports that there were no Boating Related Fatalities over the Labor Day Weekend for the second consecutive year. There was one incident involving an injury which occurred on Chickamauga Lake and two property damage reports from the four regions across the state. Boating officers made seven boating under the influence (BUI) arrests. For the year, there have been 20 boating related fatalities, four less than through the same period in 2022. Comment Period for 2024 fishing regulation proposals is open through September 15th. Comments can be made by emailing TWRA at, please include “fish reg comments” on the subject line.

Wood Duck and Teal season opened on Saturday Sept. 9th, and will continue through the 13th, when Teal only season will begin on Sept. 14-17th. Hunters are reminded to make sure all appropriate licenses and permits are obtained before hunting, as well as make sure the areas hunted are not “baited”. Ginseng season is open as of September 1st. And here are a few rules pertaining to the harvest of wild ginseng; the harvest season is from Sept 1st through Dec. 31st. Only ginseng with 3 leaves, or prongs, and ripe red berries may be harvested. Roots must be at least 5yrs old, with 5 growth scars on the root neck. Plant all red berries in the same location as the harvested plants. No permit is required to harvest ginseng, however, one MUST have landowner permission to be on the property to harvest wild or cultivated ginseng. Any Ginseng transported across state lines must be certified by the state, moving ginseng across state lines without certification is a violation of Federal Law.