Humphreys County Outdoor Report for May 21st

Published May 22, 10:18am

Kentucky Lake levels have remained stable this week, even with the rain we’ve been having. Lake levels in the New Johnsonville area, have been holding within a few tenths of 359ft. TVA seems to be adjusting the flow rates to maintain a stable water level. This is great news for the fish that we have, as well as the ones that are spawning! Consistent water levels are important for a successful spawning season. Flow rates have been between the mid 30.000cfs to the upper 40,000cfs most of the last week. Water temperatures continue to rise, with average surface temperatures now in the mid 70’s by mid day. Both the Duck and Buffalo Rivers were up last week, but as of Friday, were getting back to normal. The Cumberland also saw a rise over last week, but is now back to normal.

Fishing activity just keeps improving, with most of the Bass and Crappie now off bed, the catfish and bluegill are now shallow “doing their thing”. I’m still getting many reports of great catches of channel and blue cats being taken in shallow water, especially around areas where the bluegill and shellcrackers are spawning. Most are using nightcrawlers and liver, as well as some “stink baits” fished around rocks and wood cover, and coming up with some good eater-sized catfish. Bluegill and shellcrackers continue to be taken in shallow protected areas by fishermen using nightcrawlers and waxworm presentations, often fished on floats or on the bottom around buck bushes and weed lines. The crappie are in typical “post spawn” pattern, with the fish always on the move and looking for shad to feed on. Crappie fishermen should use their electronics to locate fish, especially where shad are present. Look in water depths of around 12-15 ft this time of year. Often moving techniques, such as trolling jigs or crankbaits, is a great way to put some slabs in the boat. Bass fishermen are still beating the shallow shoreline cover to find fish, but many fishermen have found the bass offshore, on humps and drops inside of the bays. As a side note, I’ve been seeing a few fishermen coming up with some sauger while trolling for crappie over the flats, hopefully this is a sign that the Sauger is making a comeback after a decades long hiatus.

We are now in the last stretch of the spring turkey season, which will end on May 28th. Here in Humphreys Co. we didn’t see much increase in harvest numbers this week, we are still just under 500 birds. Humphreys Co. is doing much better than last year, with almost 80 more birds harvested than the same period from last year. Here are some of the area totals as of Friday last week; Benton-296, Dickson-649, Houston-321, Humphreys-480, Hickman-539, Perry-237, with the state total now at 28,118. The top county for the state is Maury Co with 884 birds. Spring squirrel season is open, the spring squirrel season started on May 13th and will continue until June 11th, limit is 10/day.

Area upcoming fishing events; Kentucky Lake Open, on June 10th out of Pebble Isle marina, ABA next event will be on June 3rd and 4th out of Birdsong. Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers next event is on June 6th at Lick Creek on Barkley lake. Cumberland River Catmans Association on June 10th out of Dover courthouse ramp. Many kids fishing events will be upcoming on or around free fishing day on June 10th.