Humphreys County Outdoor Report for June 26th

Published Jun 27, 10:06am

Kentucky lake levels in the New Johnsonville area have remained stable with levels holding just over 358ft, and only seeing an average of 18,000cfs most days.  Water color is clear with average surface temperatures between 85 and 90 degrees.

Most bass fishermen are targeting ‘ledge’ fish; ooking for active bass chasing shad on the tops of the ‘humps and ledges’ when fish are active and backing off to the drops and deeper venues when fish seem to be more inactive and suspended.  Many bass fishermen continue to hit the shallows early and late in the day when it’s cooler,  looking for fish chasing pin-minnows in the shallows especially around  grass and wood cover, and don't forget the cover and shade provided by boat docks and slips. Crappie fishermen have all but given the lake to the pleasure boaters and heat. Although crappie can be taken this time of year, it’s much more uncomfortable and harder due to the excessive heat and more common pleasure boaters creating waves and danger to fishermen. Catfishermen have been catching good numbers of fish in the 35-45ft range along the main river channel. The catfish do bite better when current is present with most fishermen using nightcrawlers and livers, also commercial baits are working on the channel cats.  As the water conditions continue to warm and oxygen levels drop, look for the catfish to move to shallower areas along the old river channel, as the deeper water becomes devoid of oxygen, catfish will begin to suspend along the river channel.  Blue gill and shell crackers have been slow this week, possibly due to the abundant mayflies that have been hatching, providing so much food, that the blue gill aren’t hungry.

Most bass tournaments will be taking a hiatus during the dog days of summer, as it becomes much more difficult to endure the daytime temperatures. The fish will not survive as well being carried around in the livewell  when water temperatures exceed 80degrees, even if properly taken care of, it’s better to just keep the bass kept in a livewell this time of year, as most fish will die even after swimming off when released.

The Tuesday night bass tournament last week showed an improvement in bass activity, with 1st place going to team Terry and Carl, with 12lbs 12oz, 2nd went to Wallace and Waggner with 11lbs 5oz, and 3rd was taken by the father son team Ken Little with 8lbs 10oz.  Anyone wishing to fish the Tuesday night tournament can meet at the New Johnsonville boat ramp each Tuesday at 4pm.

Not much news on the TWRA front, as hunting season is a few months away.  The old duck blind drawing was done away with a couple of years ago, and nothing much is going on.  Another option for people to engage in is frog gigging. It’s usually a night time activity where hunters can use frog gigs, rimfire and air rifles and a few other techniques to harvest bullfrogs.  Of course individuals must have permission on private lands, and must have a valid hunting/fishing license.  Limits are 20 frogs/person/night.

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, boaters should inform themselves with the laws and regulations regarding boating, especially on how to operate a boat after sunset, not only the lighting requirements , but also how to operate after dark, as it may become difficult to know which way to go after watching fireworks or fishing.  More on that as we approach the holiday.