Humphreys County Outdoor Report for July 3rd

Published Jul 5, 11:13am

Lake levels at New Johnsonville on Saturday were holding at 358.2ft. TVA is predicting the lake to remain stable this week, but as a reminder, the week after the 4th of July holiday is when TVA starts dropping the lake back towards winter pool, usually the lake only falls ½ - 1 ft per month until winter pool level is reached, usually in October. The flow rates on the lake are slight to nonexistent, with less than 18.000 cfs on average and only when power is being generated.  Water temps continue to be high, with surface temps on Kentucky Lake averaging in the mid to high 80’s.  Both the Duck and Buffalo Rivers are low, with low flow as well.

I haven’t had much time to get out and fish this past week, but have been seeing a few good catches around.  Bass fishing continues to be tough, probably due to the hot temps and common pleasure boaters out on the water.  Those that are looking for bass have been seeing a few smallmouth show up in their creels and a few largemouth are still being taken in shallow water early and late in the day, before the sun warms the water too much. With the lack of current, most of the offshore fishing hasn’t been all that productive. Catfish are being taken when current is present, mostly early in the morning using worms and liver presentations ‘bumped’ along the river channel.  As the sun comes up, and current stops, it seems the fish turn off like a light switch.

The 4th of July holiday was this past Monday, hopefully everyone had a good time. As boating season continues, a few things many boaters might need to know; all motorized boats operated on public waters must have a valid registration, including boats with trolling motors, like a canoe with a trolling motor, although a canoe without a motor does not need to be registered. Sailboats and boats that are US Coastguard documented need to be registered. Often individuals who purchase large boats think they can document a boat and not have to register the boat in the state of principle use, thinking that they can avoid paying taxes on the boat.  Other issues I’ve continued to see on our lakes is a running light problem. The law says that all boats must have appropriate lighting between sunset and sunrise; this is a Coast Guard regulating and is adopted by all states. Most boats will have to display a red/green light on the front of the boat, and an ‘all around’ 360 degree white light on the rear of the boat. These lights must be displayed at all times while operating the boat between sunset and sunrise. What I see often is bass boats heading in after sunset will turn on the front, red and green, light, and not put up the stern(white) light. Another issue is pontoon boats that the stern light(white), isn’t positioned correctly with the top down, as the ‘all around white light’ must be visible for 360 degrees, and with the top down, it only shines to the back of the boat. For more information on boating requirements, check out TWRA’s we-site;

It’s that time of year again! WMA duck blind drawing application period is open through July 20th.  Back in 2021, during the Covid 19 pandemic, TWRA did away with the long standing traditional waterfowl blind drawing at various locations across the state.  Now waterfowl hunters wanting to apply for blinds on area WMA’s, must apply on-line at TWRA’s website;  Hunters can visit the website and look under ‘Hunting’ or ‘News’ and follow the links in the description.  The application process will inform you as to what licenses and permits are required before applying.  If you would like to know how and where crops are planted and how they are doing, persons may visit Public Land Duck Hunting(