Humphreys Co outdoors report for week on September 22nd

The fishing scene has been slow this past week, I’m believing that it’s due mainly to the abnormally high temps this month, hot weather is punishing to fish, causing poor water quality and unpleasant conditions for fishermen as well.  Lake levels continue to fall slowly towards winter pool, with current levels at NewJohnsonville holding at 354.74ft with flow rates slowing down to around 15,000cfs.  water temps are holding in the mid to upper 80’s here in late September, where we should be seeing water temps around the mid to upper 70’s.

Hunting season’s have started, but the heat has keep many hunters staying indoors.  Woodduck/Teal/goose seasons are now over, and the first segment of the 3 dove seasons, will close on Sept 28th.  The archery deer season is slated to begin this weekend, Sept 28th, and I’m sure some hunters will be hunting, even with the prediction of high temps to be in the mid to upper 90’s.  In 30+ years in the wildlife field, I’ve seen a huge reduction in the number of archery hunters in the early season hunts, not sure the reason, but I’m guessing it’s due to the deer season being open for such a long period of time, with seasons starting in Sept and continuing till late winter, hunters can be much more picky on when they hunt, opting for better weather and choosing easier methods of hunting such as gun hunting.

Here are a few laws to keep in mind before hunting;  make sure you have the proper license for hunting deer, weapon type determines license type.  i.e.- archery deer hunting requires archery license, gun hunting needs a gun license etc.

hunters are reminded that you cannot hunt over a baited area, examples of baited areas are hunting over a pile of corn, apples, etc. or anything which has been placed to attract deer which was not grown there. The area is considered to be baited until all bait has been gone for 10 days.

all hunters must have permission to hunt on private property

there are many other laws to know, so as always I recommend to read the hunting guide, which is available at all license agents, walmart, hunt’s outdoors, bud’s market, casey’s general stores.

The next Hunter Ed class will be October 11,12th at the Humphreys Co Sherriff’s range off Scepter Rd from 8am-4pm each day, you must attend both days!  register at