Humphreys Co. Outdoors report for week of November 3rd.

Bad weather has plagued most of the area this past week, cold weather, heavy rains, and strong winds, this has kept most outdoors men and women out of the woods and waters of late.

  The Juvenile deer hunt took place this past weekend, but Saturday was a wash-out, and Sunday was better utilized as a clean-up day for most.  Only 23 deer were taken in the county this weekend, with almost equal number of bucks and does taken.  This week is archery only, with the Muzzle loader season opening this weekend, November 9th. Rabbit and Quail season opened this past Saturday, and it appears that we have plenty of bunny’s this year. Regular gun/deer will open on the tradition opening day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  As always, I remind everyone to consult with the most current Hunting guide before going hunting, as regulations do and can change each year.

Not much on the fishing report this week, again, as most anglers have been either been waiting for electricity to be restored, or cleaning up from the storm damage. Those anglers that have been able to go, have found the lake levels around the area, to have came up a few feet, with current levels around the 355.5ft levels.  flow rates have increased, no doubt due to the recent rainfall, with average flow rates around 40,000cfs.  Surface water temps have mirrored the air temps, with Kentucky lake surface temps around 66 degrees.  I want to remind all fisher-people, that fall can bring some of the best fishing of the year, as fish start to binge feed in preparation for the upcoming winter, both bait fish and sports fish will head out into open water as the surface temperatures drop, and often as water temps drop into the 60’s, fish start relating to cover, especially when bait fish are present.