Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for Nov. 21st

Published Nov 23, 2:31pm

Lake levels in the New Johnsonville area this week are predicted to be just under the 355 ft mark.  Flow rates are also going to be backed off from the previous weeks mid 40,000 cfs to and average of 36,000 cfs.  Water temperatures have fallen slightly, with an average of 67 degrees.  I really don't have a comprehensive fishing report this week, as the strong winds kept most fishermen off the lake, and with a cold front blowing through this past Thursday, air temps have fallen as well, and most anglers opted to stay at home or in the woods chasing a muzzle loader buck.

Muzzle loader season began a few weeks ago, and as of last Friday, Humphreys Co. has harvested  158 deer just during the muzzle loader season. The total deer taken in our county is standing at 568 deer.  The regular gun season started this Saturday, and will continue until the 1st of January.  The limits are the same as last year in our county, with 3 deer per day, but not more than 1 antlered deer per day, not to exceed 2 for the season.  One of the common issues we see each gun season is that to harvest antler-less deer, everyone except landowners hunting on the own property and sportsman license holders need a non-quota hunt permit(type 094), including kids hunting with a juvenile license and senior citizens hunting with a type 166 license.  I do encourage everyone to consult the current hunting guide for answers to any questions.  The hunting guide is available on-line at and on TWRA’s mobil app which can be downloaded via your smart phone at the play store or apple store for free.   Nearly all hunting seasons are now open, including squirrel, rabbit, quail, bobcat, and the trapping seasons.  Again, if you are unsure about any of the regulations or need more information, contact TWRA at any of the 4 different regional offices during normal business hours.  

Waterfowl season begins next weekend in our area, as Reelfoot had an opening last weekend.  It is looking like we may see some waterfowl coming into our area this week, as many are being seen just north of us heading south.