Humphreys Co Outdoor Report for May 22nd

Published May 23, 2:53pm

Area lake levels are holding at 358.5ft and are predicted to remain this level in the upcoming week.  Flow rates are low, with an average of less than 15,000cfs predicted all week. Water temps remain above normal, with morning temps in the mid 70’s, and afternoon temps at around the 80 degree mark.  Both the Buffalo and Duck river are normal to low, with the Duck holding just over 2ft, and the Buffalo at 4ft in Lobelville.

The turkey totals are in now, with the ending of turkey season concluding on the 15th.  Humphreys Co had a total of 430 turkeys harvested and the top County in the state was Maury Co. with 1,087. The state total for the spring turkey hunt was 29.932 birds.

Fishing has been tough for most species, with the exception being bluegill. The bluegill have  been on bed for a week or so, and will continue to spawn throughout the summer. Bass have been moving offshore, although some bass continue to be running shallow shoreline around cover. Most bass fishermen are now targeting the ‘ledge’ bite, using search baits such as fast moving crankbaits, and when finding active fish, switching over to Texas rigged worms and Carolina rigs, especially around secondary points and sandbars with long sloping points.

Crappie have scattered after the spawn and are now chasing any shad they can find, as most of the shad are beginning to move back out in the open areas of the bays and river.  Look in the mid-depth ranges of 15-20ft over cover.  Catfish have started to spawn and many have been found by fishermen looking for bluegill in the shallows. Some good numbers are still coming from along the old river drops using nightcrawlers and livers, bigger fish are being taken on cut shad fished in the deeper holes throughout the daytime when current is present.

Fishing Tournaments;  ABA dictrict 40’s will have a two day event starting Saturday May 21-22nd out of Birdsong Marina.  The Hunt’s Outdoor trail’s next event will be on May 28th out of Mason’s boat dock.  And don’t forget, each Tuesday night theres a fruit jar tournament out of the NewJohnson harbor starting at 4pm.  Entry fee is $30 and includes big fish.  Last Tuesday’s event was won by Carl Cardwell and Terry with a winning weight of 7lbs .5oz,  big fish was taken by Eric Hensley with a fish weighing in at 3lbs 3ozs.

As we near the Memorial day weekend, it’s a good idea to make sure you are ready before heading out to the water.  A few items to consider;  all boat operators born on or after January 1st 1989 must take and pass a boating safety class, these classes are taught throughout the state and events can be found on TWRA’S website; or by visiting your local library and picking up a boater ed book, and taking the test on-line at the library once ready.  All boats with a motor(including a trolling motor) must have a valid/current registration.  Each boat needs to have a wearable life jacket of proper size and in good condition for each individual on board, and all kids 12 and under must wear the life jacket at all times while on the water.  A throwable device must be on all boats 16ft and over, also any boat with fuel tanks needs an operable fire extinguisher.  A boater ed class will help every boater with the ‘rules of the waterway’ like towing a skier or tuber rules, after dark lighting requirements, passing procedures, etc. Or you can visit TWRA ‘s website for more information or order a boating guide.