Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for March 12th

Published Mar 13, 5:45pm

Area lake levels on Friday were at 357.7ft, with TVA predicting a crest on Saturday at 357.8ft, and beginning a slow fall back to 356.3ft by Wednesday March 15th. Flow rates continue to be in the ‘strong’ category, with over 160,000cfs moving through our area. Water temps have remained somewhat stable, with average surface temps in the mid to upper 50’s. Cooler weather is predicted over the next few weeks, I do expect the water temps to fall back towards normal temperature for this time of year. The Duck and Buffalo Rivers did see a rise last week, but are now falling back towards normal, with the Duck expected to reach 3.3ft by Monday. Water color is stained in most areas of the lake, but I do expect most areas to clear if we don’t see much precipitation over the next few days.

Fishing continues to be tough, not because the fish don’t want to be cooperative, but due to the wind. Last week we had a “Hurricane” come through, and we saw many boats and docks blown around across the area, and the wind just doesn’t seem to let up. I guess this is normal for spring, but many, including myself, would like a reprieve from the gale-forced winds. Those who have made it out, have had some success, as many of the fish are in a pre-spawn mode with water temperature nearing the 60 degree mark, but ‘old man winter’ isn’t through just yet, and with the falling water levels, expect most fish to move deeper this upcoming week. A few crappie did move shallow, into water less than 4ft, as did most of the baitfish. But now most have returned to 10+ ft. Some really good crappie have been showing up around drops close to shallow water, but still seem to be moving around a lot. Bass have been taken shallow around areas where baitfish are, and in the same areas just offshore around cover. Catfish action slowed with the high pressure last weekend, but should pick up as the flow rates diminish over the next week. Trout should have been stocked in our area at the end of last month. I’ve been getting some reports that TWRA haven’t as of yet stocked, but I haven’t had any confirmation as of Thursday.

Area fishing tournaments; ABA on March 19th out of Pebble Isle, Cumberland Catman’s Association March 11th out of Cumberland City, from 7am-3pm. Congratulations to Perch and Larry for winning last weekends Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers Tournament on Pickwick, with 16lbs. KLBA next event will be on April 1st at Chickamauga Lake. If anyone has any other events which you would like to be announced, just E-Mail me at; and I’ll get the information out.

Turkey season is still a few weeks off. Hunters are reminded that TWRA did delay the season a few weeks, with the regular spring turkey season beginning on April 15th; more information can be found on page 26 of last years hunting guide. Also the Three Rivers Chapter of the Wild Turkey Federation will be having their annual Banquet and Auction on Saturday March 25th at the JERA building.

I have seen a few posts on Social Media of individuals finding a few Morel mushrooms, a few always come up mid-March, but the bulk seem to wait until April before popping up, but with the warmer than normal start of March, a few have been coming up.