Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for June 13th

Published Jun 13, 11:22am

Area lake levels came up some from the rainfall we had last week, lake levels at New Johnsonville rose to a high on Friday last week to 358.78ft. TVA has predicted to levels to fall and become stable by Monday, to a level of just over 358ft. Flow rates picked up late last week as well, but will begin to taper off early this week.  Flow rates last week after the rain events, had been over 50,000cfs, but should be below 25,000cfs most of this week and only present when power generation is required, which should be frequently due to the heat wave predicted. Both the Duck and Buffalo Rivers saw a jump after last weeks rain, but should be back to normal this week. With the heat wave we are having, a trip to the Buffalo in a canoe is a great way to keep cool. Most area water temps have been around 80 degrees. Expect a sharp rise in water temps as the heat wave continues.

Fishing continues to improve, with bass fishermen now heading offshore looking for the fish relating to offshore drops and ledges, especially where baitfish are present.  A few larger fish have been taken by fishermen targeting main lake ledges, but the bite still seems to be a ‘one here, one there’ scenario. There are still some fish remaining shallow, particularly around grass beds early and late in the morning and late afternoons, but expect most fish to head offshore or find cooler haunts as the summer temperatures warm the shallows quickly.  Crappie continue to be taken in the mid-depth ranges of around 15ft, and I expect the fish to start relating to main lake drops and river drops as the water warms into the mid 80’s. Bluegill continue to be taken around the mayfly hatches, with a few fish still being found around spawning areas. Most are finding spawning bluegills in deeper water than usual, in depths around 5-8ft.  Catfish are being taken by fishermen ‘bumping’ the main river channel when current is present. Many of the catfish have been spawning, but are starting to return to the deeper water as the water warms. A good place to find catfish will be the deeper areas of the river channel. Most fish have been taken on nightcrawlers and commercial cheese baits, but don’t forget about easily obtained chicken breast as a bait.

Last Saturday was free fishing day and the Kentucky Lake Open Bass Fishing Tournament. I should have results in the next outdoor report.  TWRA held Junes commission meeting on the 2nd and 3rd .  A couple items come up which would impact our area.  One is that the commission voted to delay the statewide turkey season, which they said would help improve reproduction and nesting success. The bag limit will also be decreased from 3 birds to 2 birds, and only one bird can be a jake.  Hunters will also not be required to have a type 94 permit to hunt antler-less deer on private land, but will still be required on WMA’s.

Local events this upcoming week are the Hunt’s Outdoor Trail on June 25th out of Mason’s, the Tuesday night tournament each Tuesday night starting at 4pm out of the New Johnsonville boat ramp, and for the ‘flint knappers’ out there  there will be a Knap-in on July 8-10th out of Chapel Hill Pike in Eagleville, TN. Which is close to Henry Horton State Park.  The event is free and will have flint-knapping demonstrations and other ancient traditions.