Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for July 31st

Published Aug 3, 4:02pm

Area lake levels have now reached 357ft.  TVA each year starts dropping the lake towards winter pool the weekend after the 4th of July holiday.  Most of this year, TVA has kept Kentucky lake at 358ft, we are now a foot below that summer level, and will continue to see a fall to the 356ft level this upcoming month.  Flow rates have increased both due to power generation during this heat wave, and due to TVA dropping the water levels and rainfall way up river.  Water temps remain in the low 90’s, but water quality seems to be doing ok with the added flow we’ve been seeing.

Fishing has been both tough due to the heat, sun and area storms, but a few fishermen have been coming up with some fish.  The Tuesday night tournament had 12 boats, 1st place went to team Patterson/Wallace with 15lbs 6oz with a big fish for the tournament of 6lbs.  2nd place went to Eric Hensley with 6lbs 10.5oz.  3rd place went to Ken Little with 6lb 8oz.  There have been a few crappie fishermen out and they are finding a few, but the heat has been running them off the water by early morning.  Most ot the crappie have backed out of the bays, and found cooler, deeper water to stay, mostly in the 20+ ft range.  Catfish are being taken along the river channel, many still seem to be suspended  a few feet off the bottom, and are starting to concentrate at under-water points along the river drop.

TWRA has announced that they will hold a in-person blind announcements at nine locations on Saturday, Aug. 6th.  events will begin at 9 a.m. and the blind announcements start at 10 a.m.  Kentucky Lake WMA will be held at the Big Sandy ball park, Barkley WMA will be at the Stewart Co. High school.  More information can be found at TWRA’s web site;   Also TWRA would like to remind everyone that the last day to enter the Tennessee Conservation raffle will be Aug. 15th.  This year they are giving away a Tracker boat, $5,000 Academy sports package among other prizes. Single tickets are $20, three for $50, and 10 for $100 and can be purchased online directly at TWRA’s web-site;   The new TN National Wildlife Refuge guides are now out. A few changes have taken place on the refuge; now crow and dove may be taken when the state season is open until the refuge closes on the 14th of November, also the deer season on the Duck River Remainder or Hunt area 4, is now open for the full statewide season for deer, squirrel, dove,  crow, and raccoon.  Another change to the hunt program is that quota hunts for the deer are no longer offered, but will be going to statewide season through Nov. 14th, except for the Hunt area 4, which is open for the full statewide season.