Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for Jan 22nd

Published Jan 23, 11:18am

As of last week, the lake has still been just over winter pool with levels rising over this past weekend. TVA did predict a slight fall for mid week, with water levels by Wednesday hovering around the 355ft mark. Water temps are averaging around 50 degrees in most areas. Water color was mostly clear, except for the areas just below the duck river, where there was some stain from rain last week, as the Duck has been flowing above average over the last week with around 5,000cfs near Hwy 13 bridge. Kentucky Lake has been quite variable, with anywhere form 60,000cfs to over 100,000cfs, depending on the day.

Fishing continues to be tough for most fishermen, although the Tennessee Mad Catters had a tournament out of New Johnsonville on January 15th and had one of their largest weighs in the history of the local club, with a total weight of 837.3lbs being weighed! The big fish for the event was a 84.05lber, with many between 40 to 70lbs. The clubs next tournament will be held out of Clarksville on February 5th on the Cumberland river; if interested in fishing the event, visit their Facebook page Tennessee Mad Catters. A few crappie fishermen have ventured out, and found a few keepers on the days which were not too windy, although the fish seem to again be on the move and scattered. No report on the bass action this week.

The deer season is now over with for this season, and Humphreys Co. ended up with a total of 2,549 deer for the season. About 1200 were antlered deer, the rest were either does or anterless males. This is nearly 1,000 deer more than last season. The waterfowl season is continuing until the end of January, but with the warm weather and waterfowl already south of us, duck hunters are not seeing many birds. Hunters are reminded not to discard this year's hunting guide, as this upcoming spring's turkey hunting regulation are on page 26. Spring turkey season will begin on April 8th with the young sportsman hunt, with the regular spring season starting the weekend after, on April 15th.


Photo: Lewis Miller and Jason Arrington with a 84.05lb and 65.83lb blue cats