Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of September 14th

Lake levels continue to fall towards the winter pool elevation of 354ft, with lake levels at NewJohnsonville at 355ft. Due to the extreme lack of rainfall in our area, the Duck and Buffalo river are low as well, with the Duck at Hurricane Mills, at 1ft, the Buffalo at Lobelville at 3.4ft.  Water Temps have been on the rise due to the heat wave, with surface temperatures,on Kentucky lake, in the mid to upper 80’s. flow rate on Kentucky lake have backed off a bit, with average flow around18,000cfs.

The fishing has continued to be tough; bass, catfish and crappie continue to allude fishermen, undoubtedly due to poor water conditions brought on by the drought and heat.  Hopefully cooler weather is shortly coming, with some of the best fishing coming with the drop in water temps. 

Outdoors-men still have plenty to keep themselves busy with, squirrel, dove(till Sept 28) early Goose(till Sept 22nd) and starting Saturday, Sept. 14th, wood duck and teal season open.  Sept. 14-Sept. 18 wood duck and teal will be open, with limits at 6 duck/day no more than 2 wood ducks/day.  Teal only season starts Sept. 19th and continues until Sept. 22 with daily limits of 6 teal/day. and as always, consult the current hunting guide for further information.