Humphreys Co. outdoor report for week of October 13th

It’s been a great week for outdoor enthusiast,now that more seasonal weather has set in.  Hunting season’s have gone from swatting mosquitoes to watching the colorful leaves falling gracefully to the ground, as fall should be experienced.  Deer archery will continue until the end of the month, when the juvenile hunt weekend will take place.   A few archery hunters are connecting with their quarry, with around 50 deer taken so far this year in Humphreys Co.  A few deer are still succumbing to the EHD virus, in which most deer infected will be found around water when dead.  EHD is an virus which is spreed by a biting ‘midge’ which infects the deer with a ‘blue-tounge’ like fever, which most deer will get a high fever which causes hemorrhaging of the capillaries of the vascular system, causing the deer to seek water to cool down, and often killing the infected animal.  EHD happens each year, but can be worse during drought years like this year. the problem usually ends with the onset of cooler weather, which gets ride of the midge, which causes the problem.

Fishing has showed and improvement as well with the cooler weather. water temps have cooled down to the mid 70’s on Kentucky lake, causing the shad to finally move out to deeper water. lake levels are in the mid 354ft range.  flow rates are in the mid 20.000cfs range.

The crappie and bass bite has followed the shad out to the mid-depth ranges of 10-15ft off structure.  the fish still haven’t started to relate to cover just yet, but as water temps cool into the 60’s, fish should relate to stakebeds and stumps.  Catfish have started biting quite well, with fiddlers being found in abundance around the tops of ledges along the old river channel, baits of choice are night-crawlers and livers, although a easily overlooked  bait is cut bluegill or any type of fish, cut into small pieces and fished on small hooks.  bigger cats have turned up in water depths of around 40ft, using cut baits fished around wood cover.