Humphreys Co Outdoor report for October 25th

Lake levels are lower this week, and I encourage all boaters to exercise caution when navigating on the waterways during low water season.  Lake levels in NewJonsonville area are at 354ft, and TVA is predicting water levels, here on Kentucky lake, to remain low for the remainder of the week.  flow rates have increased, with average inflow at 30,000cfs and outflow around 40,000cfs.  water temps on the lake continue to fall, with current surface temps at 70 degrees. 

The crappie bite has increased with the cooler temps, with some good fish being taken in the mid-depth ranges of 12-15ft.  Bait fish have now moved out to deeper water, and the crappie seemed to have followed them out. 

Bass fishermen continue to have a tough time finding keeper bass, with most heading north to the Paris landing area to fish off shore humps, sticking with the areas until the fish start feeding.  Most tournament weights have been low, but it seems that we had a great bass spawn this year, and should be seeing great fishing in the upcoming years!

Catfishing has been off somewhat, more than likely due to the low flow this past week, but now that TVA has ramped up the current, I expect the bite to improve.

The Juvenile deer season starts this weekend, but it looks like a lot of rain on tap for Saturday, but Sunday may bring some great hunting if the rain lets up.  The juvenile season coincides with the peak of the rut, which is when most of the Doe’s are bred. and as always, consult with the most current hunting guide for any needed information on the laws and requirements before hunting.