Humphreys Co. outdoor report

The fishing scene has improved somewhat this past week,as have the water conditions.  Water levels at NewJohnsonville are at 354.6ft with TVA predicting a slight fall this week.  Flow rates have been slight, with less than 20.000cfs predicted each day.  Water Temp’s have improved, with average temps in the low to mid 70’s on the TN, and low to mid 60’s on the Duck river.

A few good stringers of Bass have come in on local tournaments,  with a few closing in to the 20lb mark with a 5 fish limit.  I’m hearing most of the better fish are coming from the north, closer to Paris Landing area. 

Crappie fishermen have been enjoying some great days on the water, cooler temp’s, low wind conditions, and steady water conditions have helped a few fishermen find limits of crappie in the mid-depth ranges of 12-20ft.  the crappie have started to find their way into and around stake beds and stumps, waiting to ambush bait-fish. 

catfish has been slow, with a few eater sized fish being taken in shallow water on night crawlers and stink bait.  Most bigger fish seem to be holding tight to wood cover in deeper water.

Deer archer will momentarily take a pause this weekend, with the Juvenile hunt taking place this weekend, October 26-27th. Kids ages 6-16 may hunt this weekend, but must be accompanied by  a non-hunting adult.  Kids ages 12-16 must have a valid license unless hunting under any of the exemptions(landowner,tenant,etc),  Children under 12 hunting do not need a license, and if checking in a deer, must use a SS# to record harvest.  All hunters must be hunter safety certified or  have the apprentice license. And all hunters, including the supervising Adult, must wear the required 500sq inches of blaze orange.