Teacher Workshop at Johnsonville State Historic Park


This summer we will be working with teachers across the state to highlight the ways you can help your students think like a historian in class. Historical thinking uses skills from several subject areas such as forming a hypothesis, primary source research, reading critically, and analyzing a narrative. When these skills are focused on historical topics, students can gain a deeper understanding of the past and an appreciation for history as a living, changing thing.

Over six hours, we will work with teachers to apply these skills to the Cherokee removal period in Tennessee. By exploring primary and secondary sources and using activities that you can take back to your class for use with your students, we will attempt to answer three major questions:

  • What did the Indian Removal Act and the Treaty of New Echota do?
  • What was the reaction to these two documents?
  • Why did some Cherokee leaders decide to sign the Treaty of New Echota?

You will also learn what other FREE classroom resources are offered by the Tennessee State Museum, as well as the resources of the Morton Museum of Collierville History.

The day includes:

  • No charge to attend
  • Certificate for 6 hours in-service credit (if approved by your school/school system)
  • Free lunch provided
  • Content presentation
  • Classroom activities and materials
  • Time to explore the museum/site

This summer's workshops are offered for free due to a donation from ENA (Education Networks of America). For more information on their products, visit ena.com.