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Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for the week of August 10th

2020-08-11T10:15:35-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Not much has been going on in the outdoors of late, except heat and humidity. The dog days of summer are upon us, with most outdoor activities confined to recreational boating involving either getting into the water or creating a breeze to keep cool. Lake levels here in the New Johnsonville area are now around the low 357ft mark, with TVA reporting Lake levels will remain stable this week. Water temperatures remain in the mid [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for July 27th

2020-07-27T09:57:27-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Water temperatures continue to climb, and now we are seeing upper 80s to low 90s surface temperatures around our area. The Kentucky Lake levels are going to drop again by the first of the month, with TVA continuing to bring the lake levels down toward winter pool. Lake levels are now still at 358ft, but shoud be in the upper 357ft level by next weekend, (not if we receive a lot of rain in the [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of July 20

2020-07-21T13:34:05-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

TVA has dropped the lake level here at New Johnsonville to around 358.1ft as of Tuesday, with water levels to remain stable for the rest of the week. Flow rates will be averaging aroun 30.000-35.000cfs this week. Water temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s with some shallow water reaching into the 90s. Both the Buffalo and Duck Rivers have been up last week due to the rainfall we received last week. And fishing [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of July 12th

2020-07-13T10:23:34-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Lake levels have started to fall back toward winter pool, with current levels at 358.5ft and flow rates around 20,000cfs. However, due to the rain Sunday morning, flow rates have ramped up into the 70,000cfs range until TVA gets the Lake levels back around 358ft. Water temperatures remain high, with current surface temperatures starting out in the mid-80s in the morning, and climbing into the upper-80s by late afternoon. With the good flow rates we’ve [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of July 5th

2020-07-06T11:45:39-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

On Monday, Kentucky Lake levels at New Johnsonville were at 359ft and predicted to remain stable. Of course this all depends upon how much rainfall we receive on the Tennessee River Basin this week. Flow rates are strong on Monday, but are predicted to fall off to normal rates by early week. Monday morning, TVA was reporting nearly 70.000cfs, but was going to reduce the flow by Monday evening to 30,000cfs. Water temps remain in [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of June 28th

2020-06-29T09:33:30-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Lake levels are now at 359.5ft and are predicted to be stable throughout this week, but I want to remind everyone that TVA will start dropping water levels just after the Fourth of July weekend. Water temperatures are in the mid 80s accross most of the lake, and flow rates are averaging 25,000 to 30,000cfs. Fishing has picked up for most species, bluegill and shellcracker are being taken around the numerous mayfly hatches. Bass have [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of June 21st

2020-06-22T10:53:57-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Kentucky Lake water levels are holding steady with levels at 358.8ft at New Johnsonville. Without any added rainfall across the TN river valley, expect the lake levels to remain stable until normal draw-down, which occurs the week after the Fourth of July weekend. Water temperatures are climbing, and are in the low to mid-80s this week on the lake. Flow rates for Kentucky Lake are low, with an average of only 20,000cfs predicted. The Buffalo [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of June 7th

2020-06-10T10:03:45-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Lake levels are falling this week, with TVA predicting a fall back to around 359ft by this Wednesday. Flow rates have backed off as well, with a predicted flow around 30,000cfs mid-week. Water temperatures are now in the mid-80s and are expected to continue to rise with the warmer than normal weather we've been having. Bass fishermen continue to pitch Texas-rigged bait in the shallows at visible cover, but with the falling water levels, expect [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of May 30th

2020-06-02T14:28:36-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend, the warm weather brought a lot of boaters out to the lake. A few rain storms in the area slowed up some activity, but passed quickly, and the boat crowd soon regained momentum, filling most of the waterways with waves. Lake levels remain at summer pool, 359ft and are predicted to remain stable this week. Flow rates have picked up, with the lake seeing just over 100,000cfs this [...]

Humphreys Co. outdoor report for week of May 22nd

2020-05-26T14:05:09-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

TVA has been reducing the flow rate from where it has been all winter/spring. Flow rates on Kentucky Lake were over 450,000cfs (cubic feet per second), to less than 20,000cfs last week. With some rainfall across the Tennessee River Valley this past week, flow rates have increased to the mid to upper 70,000cfs range this weekend. Water temperatures on Kentucky Lake have reached into the mid to upper 70's, which have spurred on the shellcracker/bluegill [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for the week of May 9th

2020-05-11T20:31:52-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

It seems like a broken record – rain, wind, followed by cold weather. With the unpredictability in the weather lately, fishing has been tough. With many years of fishing, I’ve found that the best fishing comes with stability, including: water temperatures, water levels, and weather. But lately we’ve not had any stability on the fishing front. Many fishermen love the spring, late April and May, as this is the time for the spawn! But most [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report for week of April 27

2020-04-28T14:35:21-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

Kentucky lake continues to fall, both in level as well as temperature. We saw the lake in out area reach just over 361ft last week, with lake temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. Then cooler weather and high flows entered the picture, dropping lake levels and cooling surface temps. Kentucky Lake is now holding just above the 359ft mark, and is predicted to remain stable this week. Flow rates have backed off a bit, [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of April 20th

2020-04-21T10:32:46-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

This week has brought some cooler weather in the picture. Some may call it ‘Dogwood winter’, but most would agree we would love to see some warmer weather come back. The cooler weather has slowed the spawning activity of most fish, with crappie and bass moving back out to deeper water in future anticipation of a warm-up. Current lake levels are just under 361 ft at New Johnsonville, with TVA predicting a fall to 360 [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of April 9th

2020-04-13T10:00:33-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

The fishing season has arrived! Lake levels are back to normal, with Kentucky lake at New Johnsonville holding at 357.7ft for the next few days. Water surface temperatures are staying around 65 degrees. Flow rates on the river have backed off, as TVA was dropping the lake back from 363ft earlierr this week. Flow rates are now around 40,000cfs. Most of our sunfish species (bass, crappie, bluegill) have started the spawning phase. Most sunfish will [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of March 23rd

2020-03-26T16:17:34-05:00Blog Posts, Kentucky Lake Reports|

With all the rainfall through the last few months, TVA is predicting the Tennessee River to flood again. Add in the excessive flow rates (350,000cfs coming in and 180,000cfs being let out of the Kentucky dam) expect some tough conditions on the lake. Crappie have been found around the area, most fish are still deeper, between 3-20ft deep, but expect the fish to move up with the higher temps slated for this week. Spawning will [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for week of March 8th

2020-03-13T12:15:15-05:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Lake levels continue to fall back to normal levels, with TVA predicting a stable level of 355.5 over the next few days. Water temps remain in the low to mid 50s with flow rates on Kentucky lake around 150,000cfs through Friday, but with the expected rainfall predicted in the TN river valley, expect lake levels to rise again. Fishing has continued to be slow for most species, with top bass tournament weights around 15lbs, and [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor report for February 24th

2020-02-24T10:20:44-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

With all the rain, the area rivers are up, but predicted to fall later this week, the Tennessee river at New Johnsonville was at 361ft. on Monday, with a flow rate of just under 300,000cfs. TVA has predicted a fall to 357.5 by next Sunday. The Duck river at Dyer Rd. Is at 12ft. and has slowly began to fall, but with the added rainfall this week, I’m expecting a rise in the river levels [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report Aug 30, 2019

2019-11-15T06:55:23-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

TVA is prediction for the lake at New Johnsonville to go below the 356 ft mark by mid week, current lake levels are 356ft with flow rates bumped up to around 40.000cfs.  water temps remain in the mid to upper 80's.  Fishing has seen a small improvement, with Bass tournaments taking around 15lbs to win.  Fish remain scattered, with a few fish starting to hit on top water.  Crappie remain deep, in the 20ft range, [...]

Humphreys Co. Outdoor Report Aug 26, 2019

2019-12-03T09:32:04-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Fishing continues to improve slowly, with the hot temperatures beginning to give way to somewhat cooler temps, fishing will improve.  Hot water can be stressful on fish, due to the waters lower capacity to hold oxygen.  most of our sunfish species preferred water temperature is around 68 degrees.  Lake levels at New Johnsonville have been holding just over 356ft.  TVA has increased flow rates on the TN river system to hold the lake at this [...]

Humphreys Co. Fishing report for week of August 18th

2019-12-03T09:31:37-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

This has been a week of excuses, hot temps, warm water, too much current , no current, etc.  Most fishermen have been unsuccessful at catching any species of fish.  As fishing goes, summer can be the most difficult season to fish.  Hot water temperatures can cause water be low on oxygen levels, lakes can stratify, depleting any remaining oxygen, and fish can become stressed causing the bite to be slow.   Water levels continue to [...]

Humphreys Co. outdoors

2020-01-09T11:06:34-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Lake levels have remained stable this past week, and TVA is predicting the same for the upcoming week.  Lake levels at NewJohnsonville have been around 357.5ft, and will only fall back to the 357ft mark by mid week.  water temps continue to be in the mid to upper 80's with flow rates averaging around 45,000cfs. Not much information on the fishing front this past week, hot weather and blistering sun have kept most fishermen off [...]

Kentucky lake fishing report for week of August 4th

2019-12-03T09:33:55-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Not much has been happening on the fishing front this week, Hot temperatures, rain fronts and school beginning, not many fishermen have been braving the conditions, instead patiently awaiting the arrival of  fall weather.  A few bass continue to be taken in and around wood cover fairly shallow, as the bass are moving looking for the plentiful shad schools around the shoreline.  Top water has payed off for some early in the morning, and a [...]

Humphreys Co Fishing report for the week of July 28th

2019-12-03T09:34:07-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

TVA has began the normal draw-down this fall, bringing Kentucky Lake down to the mid to low 357ft mark. TVA normally starts dropping the lake levels just after the 4th of July weekend, and will have the lake at or near winter pool of 354ft, by the first week in September. Lake levels are predicted to stay around 357.4ft all week, with flow rates backed off from last weeks 80.000cfs, to the mid 30.000cfs.  Water [...]

Humphreys Co fishing report for the week on July 19th

2020-01-09T11:03:46-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Lake levels rebounded somewhat this week, with levels at NewJohnsonville at the 359ft mark.  Normally we should be around 358ft, but no doubt the added rainfall across the TN river valley has added some to the increase in water levels.  Flow rates have increased as TVA attempts to keep the lake levels on par with where we should be this time of year.  Flow rates have averaged around 60,000cfs to 75,000cfs this week. normal flow [...]

Fishing report for week of July 15th

2019-12-03T09:34:31-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Water levels in the NewJohnsonville area have been 358.8ft, with TVA  predicting a slight fall to 358.0ft by next weekend.  Water temps have been around the 90 degree mark, with flow rates averaging 50,000cfs this week.  The increased flow rates are TVA's attempt to drop the lake levels back toward winter pool levels by mid-September.  TVA normally starts the draw-down the week after the 4th of July weekend and reaches winter pool levels (354ft).  With [...]

fishing report for June 28th

2019-12-03T09:34:41-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

The big news on the fishing front has been the sudden rise in the lake level for Kentucky lake.  Lake levels at NewJohnsonville started last weekend at normal summer pool, at a level of 359ft.  Today, Friday June 28th the lake has risen over 3 ft to a level of 362.1ft with a crest predicted by TVA, of 362.61ft by Sunday afternoon.  Flow rates on Kentucky lake are 'slight', with Pickwick dumping around 60,000cfs and [...]

Fishing report for week of June 21st

2019-12-03T09:34:52-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Kentucky lake levels have been 'up and down' this week, with levels today(Friday), at 358.9ft. with TVA predicting a rise this week to a crest of just under 360ft by next Thursday.  Flow rates have been ranging from 35,000cfs to 60,000cfs in the NewJohnsonville area.  water color has been clear across most to the reservoir with average water temperatures around the 80 degree mark.  Bass fishermen have been seeing some improvement in ledge bite, but [...]

Humphreys Co. fishing report for week of June 14th, 2019

2019-12-03T09:35:04-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Current Kentucky lake level at NewJohnsonville is at 360.34ft.  lake levels are reported to rise over the weekend to a crest of 360.8ft with an average flow rate of 30,000cfs.  Kentucky dam is predicted to open up Saturday, bumping up the flows to over 60,000cfs through Sunday. Surface temps on the lake have been upper 70's in the morning, rising to the low 80's by late afternoon.  the Buffalo river is up some, with the [...]

Humphreys Co. fishing/lake report

2020-01-09T10:35:42-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

lake levels are on the rise, current levels in the NewJohnsonville area are at 358.8ft with a slight rise and fall over the week, but remaining somewhat stable for the week.  flow rates have been below normal (18,000-25.000cfs) but with the precipitation this week entering the Tn river valley, expect the flow rates to increase as TVA tries to maintain normal lake levels.  TVA is predicting flow rates over the weekend to be around 45,000 [...]

Kentucky Lake Report–May 15, 2019

2019-12-03T09:35:26-06:00Kentucky Lake Reports|

Water temp’s mid 70’s Flow rates have been around 70.000cfs but predicted to slow by this weekend Water levels 359.7ft, predicted to fall over the week to 359ft Fishing Report for Kentucky lake and duck river Shell cracker (Red-eared sunfish) action has been picking up, a cold front which dropped water temps has slowed the bite up.  Most fish have been  taken in 2-5 foot of water in backs of bays around grass, limits are [...]

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