Area lake levels have fallen back to the 356ft mark, and TVA is predicting the lake to remain stable this week.  Flow rates have fallen off from around the 100,000 cfs last week, to an average of 40,000 cfs through early week.  Water temps have cooled off, with an average surface temps around the low 80’s.  Both the Duck and Buffalo have settled back to normal for any one looking for some river activity.

Hunting season’s have started, with dove, early goose , squirrel, and wood duck/teal seasons.  Not many people hunt squirrel this time of year, but there’s some good hunting opportunities for squirrels eating hickory nuts this early in the season.  Dove saw some good hunts, and some poor hunts, the areas that did the best seem to have had bush-hogged sunflowers.  Wood duck/teal season will go through Sept 15th, and teal only season will be Sept 16th-19th.  Limits will be the same as last years, with  6 ducks, no more than 2 wood ducks/day.  Deer Archery season will open on the 25th of this month.  Early goose began on September 1st and will continue till the 19th with a limit of 5/day.

There was a positive CWD deer found in Henry County, which will result in Henry Co. becoming a CWD county where CWD regulations apply, with Weakley Co. also being considered a high risk county.  For more information on this topic or any other information pertaining to wildlife, go to the TWRA’s web site;   

The Labor Day holiday weekend saw one boating related fatality.  The fatal incident occurred Saturday on Percy Priest Lake in Rutherford county. An individual and his daughter were reported to have fallen off a jet ski.  He was able to tread water long enough for kayakers to paddle and bring the young girl to safety.  The 40 year old resident of Smyrna went under before rescuers could get to him.