Sorry for the late report, many events have unfolded over the weekend here in Humphreys CO.  First, I’d like to say how devastating the flood was to my hometown, and how sorry I feel for all those who have lost family and friends to the flood, and my prayers go out to those in this difficult time.

With the added rainfall, lake and river levels jumped. Kentucky lake is now back on the way down, with levels on Tuesday at 357.3 ft, and predicted to continue to fall.  The Duck river went to flood stage and crested on Sunday at 25.09 ft. By Tuesday it was at 12 ft and predicted to continue to fall back to just under 2 ft by this upcoming Saturday.  The Buffalo crested on Monday at 9.25 ft and continues to fall.  Water temps remain in the mid 80’s on the lake, with strong to moderate flow rates, around 100,000 cfs as of Tuesday, but expect flow to decrease as the lake returns to normal.

Not much on the fishing report, as I’ve not had any internet connection over the last few days, but it is that time of year, usually around the end of August to September, the shad migrate to the shallow river flats and back of bays, with sport fish hanging close by looking for easy meals.  Bass can be found in very shallow water when this happens, especially if water levels stabilize.  Look for creek mouths in water that a boat will have trouble getting into with shad present.  Crappie will not move so shallow, but fishermen should look for areas in 10-12 ft with shad hanging around stake beds and cover.  The catfish should be hanging high on the ledges this time of year, kind of loafing in deeper water when not active, and as the night approaches, moving to the shallows in search of food.

The archery velvet hunt will begin this Friday, it’s an antlered only hunt on private lands only.  Limits are the same as all deer seasons, one antlered deer per day not to exceed two per season.  Consult the most current hunting guide for more in-depth information.  Squirrel season will open this Saturday, with a limit of 10 per person per day, the federal refuge is open to squirrel hunting, but in addition to state licenses, hunters will need to purchase a Tn national hunting permit (type 064) for $15 , which can be purchased anywhere state licenses are found.  Dove season will also open  in less than a week, as always on September 1st at noon, limits are 15/day.