Kentucky Lake levels continue to fall, with the lake predicted to dip into the 357 ft levels by mid week.  Current levels as of Sunday, were at 358.2 ft.  Water temps continue to climb closer to the 90 degree mark.  Flow rates have slowed up over the weekend, with average flow rates around the 40,000 cfs mark this week.

Fishing has been tough this past week, but some fishermen are coming up with a few fish early, before the sun warms things up.  Bass continue to be found on the ledges around shad schools, although it seems the fish are suspending more than feeding.  The early bite seems to be better, as the sun comes up, activity seems to diminish.  Crappie fishermen seem to be mostly absent from the fishing scene this week, possibly waiting for cooler weather.  Crappie can still be taken this time of year, most fish will retreat to deeper water, where water temps are more to their liking.  Look on the river drops around cover.  Catfishing seems to be a morning bite, as by 9 am, the bite seems to disappear.  Fishermen are still finding fish in the deeper areas of the river channel around cover, like large rocks and trees.

Hunting season is just around the corner, and expect the new hunting guides to be available this month.   Squirrel season will always be the 4th Saturday in August, but the velvet antler season will also be this month, details will be in the hunting guide, as well as TWRA’s website