Lake levels at New Johnsonville this week will be around the 358.5 ft mark, but expect the river to continue to fall over the next few weeks ,as TVA starts the normal ‘draw down’ towards winter pool just after the 4th of July holiday.  Flow rates will continue to be around 50,000 cfs early this week, but may rise depending on how much rainfall the TN river valley receives.  Water temps remain in mid to upper 80’s with water color mostly clear.

Fishing has been tough this week. The ‘dog days of summer’ are upon us, and it stresses fish as water temps warm closer to the 90’s. We’ve been lucky this July with above average rainfall, which has helped maintain water quality this month.  Bass fishermen have been commenting on the bass pulling out of the shallows and now are on the humps and drops chasing shad.  Baits of choice have been search baits like big deep-diving crank baits, and once fish are located, using large plastics.  Crappie fishermen have been somewhat absent from the fishing scene this week, I’m sure due to the excessive heat.  Crappie can still be found this time of year, usually out closer to the river where current is present.  Catfish have been somewhat slow, even with the constant current in the main river channel, often this time of year the catfish have plenty of food to pick from, including the plentiful shad form this years spawn, as well as mussel shells.  What fish that have been taken, seem to be an early morning bite from around the river channel in 30-40 ft of water.