Lake levels remain stable, with current levels at 359 ft. A slight fall is expected early this week, but levels will remain around the summer pool level.  The week after July 4th is when TVA normally will start dropping the lake in stages, usually only around a foot every few weeks, until around the end of September, when the lake reaches winter pool level of 354 ft.  Water temps remain in the mid 80’s, but normally will begin to creep up around the 90 degree mark by mid July.  Flow rates will start to diminish during July, and only flow due to generating electricity will be present in the river system, unless we have a big rain event upstream.  Both the Duck and Buffalo rivers are normal, and around 4 ft as of this past weekend.

Bass are still in transition from the shallows to the river, with fish being taken in both locations.  The shallow bite continues early in the morning, especially where shad are present.  The ledge bite is sketchy at most, but the ledges close to creek mouths seem to be holding better numbers of bass.  The crappie have been biting well, with most fish coming out of water in the 10-17 ft range.  Most crappie still seem scattered, and multiple beds are needed to come up with a mess.  Catfish are now mostly off of bed, and have returned to the river drops, although some cats can still be found roaming the shallows around where the bluegill are spawning.  Blue gill will spawn throughout the summer, about every 30 days or so.

Boaters are reminded to familiarize themselves with the boating regulations before heading out to the water, a few items to check are;  valid boat registration, wearable lifejackets for everyone on board, throw cushion, good fire extinguisher, and if on the water at dark, operational running lights.  For more info on boating requirements, go to TWRA ‘s web site;