Lake levels will remain stable this week, with current levels at or just below the 359 ft mark.  Flow rates are going to taper off, with an average flow between 25,000-35,000 cfs this week.   Water temps have started to increase, with morning surface temps in the low to mid 80’s, and reaching the upper 80’s by afternoon.  The Duck and Buffalo Rivers have also returned to normal, and offer some great ‘heat beating’ opportunities for boaters to beat the hot weather.

Bass and stripe have been chasing the numerous shad fry that have been around the bank and cover.  The ‘shallow’ bite continues to produce numbers, and occasionally a good fish, but the ledges are where most have found quality sized fish.  Top water and spinner baits have found the shallow fish, while deep diving crank baits, spoons, and large Texas rigged worms are the baits of choice on the ledges.  Crappie remain scattered , and reluctant to bite, probably due to being full from all the shad that is available.  Catfish have mostly finished up spawning, and usually head out to the mussel beds just after the spawn, and will be full of Asiatic clams, anglers targeting these ‘clam beds’ can find some good fishing.