Lake levels have reached summer pool levels of 359 ft.  Each year, by May 1st TVA tries to have Kentucky Lake at or near the 359 ft mark, and we are there!  Water temps are increasing each day, with current temps around the upper 60’s.  Flow rates have slowed, but TVA will increase the flow rates depending on rain fall this week in effort to maintain lake levels.  Predicted flow rates for the first of the week are going to be around the 60,000 cfs mark.

Not much on TWRA news this week, only a reminder that turkey season will end in a couple of weeks, May 16th is the end of the spring turkey season.  As attention changes towards the waterways, make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment and proper registration on your boat.

Fishing has definitely improved, as crappie and bass as well as shell-crackers have headed to the shoreline for spawning activity.  Some really good crappie have been found around stake-beds and stumps in the back of the bays, most males are sporting ‘spawning colors’ and appear a darker color.  Most fisherman are finding the fish in 4-6 ft depths around visible cover while fishing minnows on floats.  Those fishermen who are using worms or crickets are coming up with some huge shell-crackers and bluegill.  It’s time for the shell-crackers and blue gill to head to their traditional spawning areas.  Shell-crackers tend to like finding protected shorelines where vegetation is close, combined with gravel or sand bottoms.  Limits on Kentucky Lake are 20 shell-crackers/day/person.  Catfish, especially channel catfish, have followed the sunfish into shallow water, and expect to tie into a few while looking for shell-crackers.