Area lake levels are rising, with current levels at New Johnsonville on Sunday just above 358 ft. TVA is predicting that lake levels to be at or near summer pool by this upcoming weekend.  Water temps are starting off a little cool this past weekend, with average lake temps in the low 60’s.  But with the warm weather on tap for this week, expect water temps to rise considerably by next weekend.  Flow rates have fallen drastically, with an average of 40,000 cfs coming into the system, and only 25,000 cfs going out, which is due to TVA raising lake levels for the summer.

The cold snap we experienced last week has slowed the fish bite for all species, but with consistency in the weather predicted, I expect the crappie and bass to make a blitz to the shallows to spawn.  Although we had some warm weather earlier this month, the water levels and stability wasn’t  there to convince the fish to set up spawning activity.  Not all fish of a species will spawn at the same time, but normally we see most crappie spawn the third to forth week of April.   When looking for crappie this time of the year, often it means moving a lot searching for active fish, but once the water temps stabilize and night temps don’t drop much, thats when fishermen should look in the shallows for spawning fish.  Bass will go onto bed around the same time as crappie, and will choose similar areas.  Often catfish, mostly channel cats, will go to these same areas to rob nests of eggs this time of year.  Fishing night crawler on float rigs is a good way to find some decent eater sized catfish.

Turkey season continues until mid May, and Humphreys Co. has checked in over 386 bearded turkeys.  Many of the hens have begun to nest, and are often seen  off by themselves.  I’m still seeing plenty of adult gobblers around the County, although hunting pressure has fallen off, there are still many hunting opportunities to be had before the end of the season.