Area lake levels have finally stabilized as of this past weekend, with lake levels falling to a low of 357 ft last Friday, and rebounding to a level of  around 358 ft by mid week.  Water temps have fallen off due to the cold front, which brought us some morning temps in the 30’s last week.  Current surface lake temps are in the low 60’s.  Flow rates throughout the early part of April were extreme, with over 3000,000 cfs in the beginning of the month, but now have fallen off to just over normal, with flow rates around the 50,000 cfs mark. 

Crappie and bass had made a move to the shallow water a week ago, but due to the falling water levels as well as the temperatures, the fish have postponed the spawn until the water warms back up.  Look for a combination of warm nights in the 60’s, as well as stable water levels for the spawn to crank back up.  Crappie have scattered and moved back out to deeper water, look for depths around 10-15 ft, but expect many to be on the move requiring fishermen to do the same.  Bass have also moved back out, but fishermen are still finding some quality fish off the secondary points close to spawning areas.  Catfish activity has also improved with the stable water levels, with many fish feeding up in anticipation for their upcoming spawn.  Fish remain along the river drops, but close to feeding areas in shallower water.

Spring turkey season continues with numbers harvested exceeding the 300 mark for Humphreys Co. as of this past Saturday. Many hens have now began laying eggs, but not  sitting as of yet. The hen will lay an egg per day, until she lays around a dozen eggs or so, when she will start sitting on the eggs until they hatch.  Often this time of year, a good time to hunt is late morning or early afternoon, as the hens are not interested in the males, so the gobblers will respond to calls, but often will come in quiet.