Area lake levels continue to fall, with levels on Sunday just under 360 ft. TVA is predicting a fall of around ½ ft /day over the next few days. Strong flow rates will be in the picture over this week, with TVA pulling between 150,000 – 200,000 cfs this week. Water temps have been coming up, with current surface temps creeping up towards the mid 60’s. The Duck and Buffalo River both have come back down, with both now clearing up and offering some fishermen reprieve from the strong winds.

Crappie have been found in some shallow areas, possibly looking for spawning areas, but with the falling water levels, most have now pulled back out to deeper water. Some good catches have been found by fishermen heading out early in the morning before the wind sets in. Most catches have come from water deeper than 12 ft. Bass fishing has been somewhat challenging with the strong winds, but a few fishermen have come up with some decent fish. Most bass fishermen continue to fish the banks and shallow water, but it seems that the falling water has backed off most bass to the drops and humps in the bays. Jigs and worm presentations have been working well for most.

Catfishermen have had a rough time finding fish, as the strong current and winds make it difficult to fish the deeper waters where the fish have pulled out to because of the falling water levels.

Turkey season continues to produce some great numbers, with Humphreys Co. now over 200 birds harvested, as of Sunday, we had 240 checked in. Turkey season continues until mid May, and the limits are 1 bearded turkey/day and 3 for the spring season.