Area lake levels have stabilized, with current levels, as of Monday, holding at 362 ft.  TVA is predicting a slight fall to 360 ft by next Sunday.  Flow rates continue to be very strong, with this past weekend seeing more than 300,000 cfs coming through the system.  Flow rate will be falling off a bit by mid week, but only slightly.  Water temps remain just under the 60 degree mark, but expect a sharp increase in water temps due to the 80 degree weather this week.

Most all of the outflow areas are pumping or moving water, including the USFWS pump in Jville. As well as Camden Bottoms.  Some fish are starting to show up at the flowing water, including crappie, bass, and white bass.  With the cooler weather we experienced last week, water temps fell back somewhat, and the spawning activity of bass and crappie slowed down, with many moving back into deeper water.  As water temps start approaching the mid 60’s these fish will again move shallow and begin staking out spawning territories.  Bass continue to be taken around the bank cover and bushes, and many fishermen are tossing spinnerbaits and jigs around the abundant shoreline cover.  Crappie are being found in around 15-20 ft depths, and seem to be scattered.  Catfish continue to show up shallow, with fishermen finding many around log jams and just outside of buck-bushes, while fishing night-crawlers and stink baits.  Larger catfish are still a little deeper, with the best catches coming from 15-25 ft ranges close to deep water, just out of the strong current.

Spring turkey season began last weekend, and Humphreys Co. saw a harvest of 111 birds, bringing our county to a total of 139 birds including the juvenile hunt.  Spring turkey season will continue until May 16th.

With the warm weather in place, many are heading out to the lake for some water activity including fishing, as well as just recreational boating.  Remember that just like vehicles, all motorized boats must have a valid registration as well as safety equipment before operating  on public waters.