Cold weather and rain have been in the game of late, which has kept most but the toughest off the water in search of fish. A few catfishermen have been venturing out, and have found some good sized cats. Most catfish have been found in the deeper water of the main river channel. Baits of choice have been cut shad and chicken breast cut into 1/4 lb chunks. Crappie continue to be taken on the warmer days when the wind has let fishermen venture lakeward. Most crappie continue to be in the moderate depths, with the best catches coming from 15-20 ft depths.

Waterfowl season has ended for the most part, but juveniles can hunt ducks on both Saturday February 6th and the next Saturday, February 13th. Also goose season continues until Feb 14th. As always I encourage everyone to consult with the current hunting guide, and make sure you are familiar with the limits and laws pertaining to hunting or fishing. Turkey season is just around the corner, with the juvenile season starting March 27-28th, and the regular turkey season beginning on the Saturday closest to the 1st of April, which this year will be April 3rd. Bag limits will be 1 bearded turkey/day not to exceed 3 for the season.