One word can sum up the outdoor world this week, COLD! With the regular duck season behind us, as well as the youth and veterans duck hunts, not much is available to the ‘cold tolerant’ hunters out there. We do have the light goose season continuing into March, but not much else. We did have a good amount of ducks move in for the weekend youth and veterans waterfowl hunt, and we saw some great hunts.

Water levels on Kentucky Lake are starting to rise some, with levels hovering around the 355 ft mark on Monday, and TVA predicting a rise of about a foot this week. Water temps continue to fall towards the 30’s, and expect them to fall well into the 30’s with the snow and ice we received. Flow rates will also be bumped up this week, with Monday’s flow around 75,000 cfs and Wednesday’s flow up over 100,000 cfs.

Not much on TWRA’s end as well, other than new licenses will be available towards the end of this month, as last seasons license will expire on the last day of February. Most of the small game seasons will also be ending on the last day of the month as well, so if you want a mess of squirrels or rabbits, now is the time to get them.