Area lake levels have been stable this past week, and looks like the TVA will be running some current this week to keep the levels somewhat stable. As of this past Saturday, levels at New Johnsonville have been around the 355.3 ft mark, and will be slightly falling back into the 354 ft levels by early this week. Flow rates have increased with TVA trying to maintain normal winter pool levels, with an average of 80,000 – 90,000 cfs coming through our area. Water temps continue to fall, with current average surface temps holding around the low to mid 40’s. Water color remains clear. Not much information on the fishing front this week. Strong winds and cold temps have played a part in keeping most fishermen off the water this past week.

Waterfowl season will have ended for most this past Sunday, January 31st. But goose will continue until February 14th as well as the ‘light geese’ season which will continue all the way into march.

Nothing new in the TWRA news, not much is going on as far as news, but hunters are reminded that many small game hunting seasons continue until the end of February. As always, consult the current hunting/trapping guide for more information. And as a reminder, don’t throw out the hunting guide, this springs turkey season is in it on page 39.