Local lake levels are stable at 354.6 ft this week, although the rainfall Monday may cause levels to rise somewhat mid week. Flow rates are low to moderate, with about 40,000 cfs coming into the system and slightly more leaving. Water temps continue to be holding in the mid to upper 40’s with water color across the area remaining clear.

Not much on the fishing report this week, as strong winds have kept most fishermen off the water. A few crappie fishermen have ventured out when the wind hasn’t been that bad, and have come up with a few crappie. Most fish remain in the 10-15 ft range in our area, most have been coming off of brush piles and stake beds. Not all beds will contain fish, so a careful inspection with your electronics will be a valuable tool in finding fish. A few bass have continued to show up, but I’ve not heard where the fish have been found. This time of year, through early spring, is a good time to find heavy fish, as the females prepare for the upcoming spawn and will be at their heaviest over the next few months. Sauger have been found in some areas around the mouth of the Duck, as well as areas south of us, such as Lady’s Bluff by Mousetail Landing State Park. Most seem to be finding the fish at creek mouths and sharp bends in the river in the deeper holes. As a reminder, the limit on Kentucky lake is 10 fish per person with a 14 inch size limit.

Waterfowl season will basically end at the end of this month, and its shaping up to be one of the worst seasons we’ve seen in a few years. Warm weather, food availability being good up north, and lack of weather which pushes the ducks south seem to be at blame.

Turkey season is just around the corner. Don’t throw out this last year’s hunting guide, this spring’s turkey guide is in it. Turkey season opens the Saturday closest to April 1. This year that will be April 3rd for adults, with the juvenile the weekend before.