Area lake levels continue to fall, with levels at New Johnsonville reaching winter pool levels of 354 ft by late week. With less rainfall coming into the Tennessee river system, flow rates have been falling back an average of 2-3,000 cfs per day. Early week flow rates will be at or around 53,000 cfs. Water temps are falling as well, with average surface temps hovering around the low to mid 40’s. Water color is clear.

Crappie continue to be caught in the 10-15ft ranges. Mostly on jigs and minnows fished in or around the cover. Not every bed has crappie on it, and often when you do find a few in a good location, they tend to move a lot this time of year. Some really good fish continue to be taken, and I’ve heard of a 3lb fish coming from the big sandy this past week. Bass fishermen continue to catch a few, but nothing consistent showing up due to the falling water levels, as most fish seem to bite better after a few days of consistent water conditions. Catfish have been kind of ‘hit or miss’, with some days not even seeing a bite, while others are seeing a consistent bite. A catfish tournament out of New Johnsonville, saw the winning weight of over 100lbs, with a 3 fish limit.

Deer season ended over a week ago, with Humphreys Co. coming in with 2,413 deer harvested. Hunters still have the remaining waterfowl season to hunt (although few birds have been seen), and also rabbit and quail as well as squirrel season. These small game hunters now can hunt some previously ‘off limits’ areas due to the ending of deer season.

Trapping season is still open, but the prices that hides are bringing continue to be down Here are a few prices from last summers auction. Eastern coyotes have been fetching between $8-18 , which is 2 to 3 times less than they brought last year. Beaver castor has been bringing the best price, with higher grades bringing $80-110/lb. Raccoon and fox remain mostly unsold, and are not bringing any money at this time. Most of the fur sales have been postponed until later due to Covid-19 issues.