This past week has seen a lot of rain and wind, it has kept all but the ‘die-hards’ off the water, although the few who did venture lake ward managed to find a few good fish. Lake levels have risen, and as of Sunday, we were at 356.6 ft and predicted to fall back to around 354.5 ft by next Saturday. Flow rates have been over the 100,000 cfs mark all last week, but it looks like we may have a slight reprieve this upcoming week. Flow rates are going to fall off slightly, being just under 90,000 cfs the next few days. Water temps are still in the mid 40’s and water is stained due to the rainfall in the Tennessee valley this past week.

Bass fishermen continue to find a few good fish, with most still coming off wind-blown banks where shad are present. Some really good fish are starting to show up, and we can only hope the fishery will be back to normal this season. Crappie fishermen have been somewhat absent this week, due to the rain and cold wind, but this is the time of the year when crappie will be found in the deeper areas just inside of the river, often concentrated in large schools and easy to catch. Look for water depths around 12-20 ft deep with some current, but out of the strong river flow. Fish will often gather up on the backsides of points, especially if cover is present. Catfish has also been tough, mostly due to the strong current as the fish will remain in the main river channel, but getting baits in front of the fish can be an problem. Some really good fish have been coming from other impoundments upstream where the flow isn’t as bad.

The regular deer season ended this past Sunday, with Humphreys Co. ending with a preliminary numbers at 2,413 total deer, with the statewide numbers at 153,409. There is a private lands hunt this week, Monday-Friday, no antlered deer may be taken, and limits are 3/day. The 2020-2021 deer season will end with the juvenile hunt next weekend.