Deer season continues for the state through early January, and so far this year our deer hunters have been quite successful. So far in Humphreys Co. we have harvested 1,628 deer, of which we’ve gotten around 1000 antlered deer! The weather is right for some great deer hunting in our area, with cooler weather finally here, the deer seem to be moving well. The rut continues, as the Doe’s which didn’t get bred will be coming back into estrus this early December. Humphreys co is know for harvesting some fine bucks, as we have plenty of good grounds, and the ability to have the bucks reach their potential and proper age. As always, consult the most recent hunting guide if you have any questions regarding the regulations or laws.

Fishing has also continued to improve with the cooler weather, as the surface water temps cool, the fish will move out to deeper water, as well as the bait fish. Some nice crappie have been turning up in the 10-12ft range, but fishermen might have to wade through some bluegill to find the crappie. The water levels in our area have been on the move this last week, with current levels holding at around the 355ft mark. Water temps have fallen off as well, with average surface temps now in the upper 50’s in most areas. Flow rates have been strong this past week, but TVA says flow rates will moderate somewhat this week with average rates around 40,000cfs.

Waterfowl season re-opened this weekend, and will continue until the end of January. We have the hunters, now all we need is the cooperation of the waterfowl. The USFS usually conducts a waterfowl survey of the refuge, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has postponed the survey at this time, so unfortunately cannot post the counts.