Kentucky lake water levels have been somewhat stable, with current levels holding at or near the 355ft mark, surface water temps are just under the 60 degree mark and flow rates have been between 40,000 and 50,000 cfs.

Last week and this past weekend saw some warm weather, and many outdoor enthusiasts were anxious to head to the water and take advantage of the weather. Most days saw gale forced winds, but we had a reprieve from the winds over the weekend. I found some time on Friday to try crappie fishing, and found the fish to be everywhere, but the best numbers seemed to come from the 10-12ft depth range. Not every stake bed had crappie on it, but nearly everywhere I fished had plenty of bluegill and stripe. Some good crappie were found hanging above the stakebeds, where if I fished deeper, I caught bluegill. Both black and white crappie seemed to have had a good spawn a couple of years ago, as I caught many 2 year old fish in the 8-9inch range. Talking to other crappie fishermen backed up my findings, with many fishermen finding undersized crappie, as well as large numbers of bluegill and stripe.

Bass fishermen have also noticed an improvement in the fishing, with some dandy bass. Most fish are still coming off river flats around wood cover. Some fishermen are finding bass chasing shad in the bays, and with cooler weather on tap for this week, expect the water temps to fall, sending the threadfin shad deeper. This will/should have the bass follow and become much more predictable.

Catfishermen continue to find both good numbers as well as some large fish this past week, with the majority coming from the deeper holes at the mouths of creeks, with the bait of choice being cut bluegill.

Deer season continues, with the gun season opening last weekend. So far in Humphreys Co harvesting 665 deer as of Sunday, the county total so far is just at 1,500 deer and the state total is at just under 100,000 deer for the year.

Waterfowl season opened this past weekend, and closed at sunset Sunday, but will reopen next weekend. With the cold front coming through early this week, everyone is hoping for some additional waterfowl heading into our area!