Kentucky lake water levels have been stable for a few weeks, with current levels at New Johnsonville holding at 355ft. Flow rates have moderated and have been around 50,000cfs this week. Water temps have remained in the low 60’s and have been somewhat stable. With the stability in the picture, fishing has been good.
Bass fishermen continue to find some decent fish on the river flats where bait fish have been present, as well as still finding some top-water action early and late in the day. Baits on the flats have been ones which imitate shad, crankbaits, swimbaits, and lipless crankbaits like rattletraps and red-eyed shad.

Crappie fishermen have been continuing to find decent numbers of fish but still seem to remain scattered. Most fish are coming off of water in the 12-20ft range, especially when current is present.

Catfishermen continue to find some fish in the deeper areas of the river, with some big fish showing up on occasion.

Deer gun season started this past Saturday, and some really nice deer have been taken this week. Gun season will continue until the first week in January. So far this gun season (Saturday and Sunday), Humphreys Co. has seen 128 deer harvested, the total for the state as of Sunday morning, is at 11.471 deer. The limits for this season in our area (unit L) are 1 antlered deer/day not to exceed 2 for the year. Also anterless deer may be harvested, but everyone except sportsman license holders and landowners hunting on their own land, must have a type 094 big game special anterless permit. This includes all ages, including juveniles and senior citizens, hunting with the regular license. As always, review the current fish/hunt guide for additional information or call the regional offices during normal business hours.

Waterfowl season will begin next Saturday, and as of today, the ducks seem to have been coming in over the last few weeks, so we hope hunters will have a good season this year as the last few have been pretty poor.