Lake levels will continue to be just under 355ft. and will remain stable throughout this week. Flow rates have backed off somewhat, with an average of 60,000-80,000cfs predicted this week. Water temps remain just under the 60 degree mark, warming into the low 60’s by afternoon.

Bass fishing has continued to improve, with a few limits at or near the 20lb mark. Most fish are being taken on the river flats where shad are present, but a few are still being taken along the banks around wood cover. Baits that have been doing well include swim baits, top water, where bass are busting minnows, and shallow running crank baits.

Crappie fishermen have found some decent catches in the 10-15ft depths, mostly around stakebeds fishing vertical presentations. Some crappie have also been found in the deeper water, 15-20ft, off structure just out of the current.

Catfishermen have found some decent fish in the 30-40ft range, but it seems to be an early morning, after dark bite. We’re still seeing plenty of catfish on the depth finder, but it seems they are reluctant to take our offerings.

Muzzleloader season will continue until this Friday, November 20th. As of Sunday morning, Humphreys co has harvested 350 deer during the muzzleloader season. Some really nice bucks have been taken, and it seems the rut is in full swing! The limits on deer in our area, unit L, are 3 antlerless deer/day and 1 antlered deer/day, not to exceed 2 antlered deer for the 2020-2021 season. For more information please refer to the current hunting guide. Also remember that as of the 14th this month, the federal refuge (duck river, big sandy, etc.) will have limited access, as the waterfowl refuges close on the 15th of November and will stay closed until march 16th.